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Canon launches #FreeYourStory competition to discover the next generation of storytellers.

Canon launches #FreeYourStory competition to discover the next generation of storytellers.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of images and videos are uploaded to social media and distributed around the world. In the digitally connected Generation-Z and Millennial groups, people frequently invest their time and creativity renewing their social profiles, often more keenly than other age demographics, with 60% having a digital camera and 45% classifying as ‘snapshot photographers’. 


Taking and sharing casual memories enables them to showcase their artistic creation through the power of picture-taking with their friends and family.


To honour these young photographers who stir the limits of traditional storytelling, Canon has launched #FreeYourStory, an easy to join the game with a chance of winning a range of Canon equipment, including an EOS M200 and a Canon Zoemini S. 


Besides, two first prize champs will each get a unique photography masterclass by a Canon professional. The masterclass will be administered in person or virtually and will show how to create and catch the perfect image while showcasing the technological abilities of their new camera. Thirty runners-up will also win Canon equipment.


Entries will be assessed by independent professionals, including Michael Gray, a famous influencer and filmmaker, also Canon Ambassadors Wanda Martin and Ulla Lohmann. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, meaning and potential of the image to tell a story, as well as the general opinion of the challenge theme(s):


  • The Mirror Selfie – The glass selfie is one of the oldest and most common styles of self-portrait in photography, spread on social media. With the capacity to show off everything from the latest outfit trends to a happy picture with friends, participants are encouraged to stand out from the crowd.


  • Forced Perspective – Changing presence with optical illusions to create a new world in which subjects can touch the sun, carry their friends in the palm of their hand and lean against the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Entrants can use clever tricks and skills to create a new reality through their lens.


Canon Ambassador and portrait specialist Wanda Martin commented: “I am excited to have been chosen as one of the judges for Canon’s #FreeYourStory match. I am delighted to see pictures that send a very special story and can’t wait to see the astonishingly gifted artists and submissions.”


Canon Ambassador, photojournalist and documentary maker Ulla Lohmann commented “I am looking for images that are a little absurd, which fascinate me and question me to think about them. I desire to understand your thoughts. So, go ahead, grab a camera and #FreeYourStory”.


Influencer Michael Gray commented: “I am super thrilled to be helping judge Canon's #FreeYourStory competition and look ahead to seeing all the entries. I'll be watching out for eye-catching pictures that catch the brief and show creativity. This competition is not around the camera you have, but the spirit and creativity of the content you deliver. So, pick up your camera or smartphone and start creating!”


Be bold, defy convention and enter the #FreeYourStory competition today for the chance to win fantastic prizes and a unique photography masterclass with a Canon professional.


Entries close on 21st September 2020.

Competition Terms & Conditions apply:

Visit the official Canon Europe website for more information.