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Best 3D-Printed Healthcare Products Manufacturer Sinterex named in Middle East

Best 3D-Printed Healthcare Products Manufacturer Sinterex named in Middle East

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  • Dubai News

Global Health & Pharma (GHP), an international data sharing platform & a multi-disciplinary members community revealed winners of the 2019 Technology Awards this month and acknowledged Sinterex as Best 3D-Printed Healthcare Products Manufacturer – Middle East.

In its announcement, GHP said, “Technology is a tremendous force for change throughout numerous industries, sectors and fields. In the international healthcare industry, it has turn out to be a disruptive device that is rapidly revolutionising medical practice, research and pharmaceutical development. As technology continues to develop and improve in sophistication, discovering factories of the future is a top choice for each industry, along with healthcare. Able to take benefit of the modern innovations in 3D scanning, design and printing, Sinterex combines ultra-modern technology with the best in medical practice.”

Julian Callanan, Founder & Managing Director of Sinterex says, “Healthcare is an absolutely personal matter, with no solution fitting two people. Finding a solution that is certainly bespoke is presently a main challenge, however the rise in the use of 3D printing technology has modified the economics of personalisation and is now set to radically change the medical industry.”

3D printing can assist medical experts in each and every field of the industry, ranging from Dental Laboratories, to Dental Clinics, to Hospitals. Sinterex has developed products for medical experts active in each of these areas. For example, for hospitals, DHA revealed beforehand this year that medical Experts from Dubai Health Authority’s Innovation Centre have collaborated with Sinterex to bring 3D Printing to the point-of-care at DHA Hospitals-Rashid, Latifa, Dubai, and Hatta Hospital.

“A crew of biomedical engineers are now on site working side-by-side with medical experts to grant access to patient unique anatomical models. The advantages are amazing. By being onsite our crew are in close communication with the DHA surgeons and can rapidly respond to their requests. We are seeing significant time savings for the surgical procedures which we are supporting.” mentioned Julian Callanan.

Many things set Sinterex aside from the norm, for instance the organization developed an innovative online portal which allows the crew behind this business to work remotely with customers, who can review 3D files anywhere and at any time thanks to smartphone compatibility.

But perhaps Sinterex’s most special characteristic is that it is a trailblazer in the UAE breaking down commercial and technological challenges. In 2017, Sinterex was the first organization to commercially install complex metal 3D printing technology, using this to make teeth and other dental products, rapidly constructing an international client portfolio. In 2019, Sinterex began to provide products for Hospitals and one of the highlights was using Titanium 3D printing technology to save the jaw of a young cancer patient. In 2020, Sinterex turn out to be the first organization in the UAE to bring 3D printing to the point-of-care with its DHA collaboration.

With its willingness to take on business and technological challenges, Sinterex finds itself on the cutting edge of the marketplace, keenly placed to offer a service that can only improve the work of medical professionals. In specialising in this field of operation, the burden of research and advent has been lifted from medical professionals, permitting both parties to do their job to the best of their ability.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, its organizations like Sinterex that have allowed healthcare to take the next huge step in medical technology.

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