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Bentley's Connected Data Environment Optimizes Costs, Operations, and Maintenance on the Pan Borneo Highway

Bentley's Connected Data Environment Optimizes Costs, Operations, and Maintenance on the Pan Borneo Highway

To quicken financial development in East Malaysia, an arrangement to completely create and update the Pan Borneo Highway was reported in 2013. Development started in 2015 and, when completely finished in 2021, the four-path double carriageway and cost free Pan Borneo Highway will be the transportation spine of the region and assume a significant job in opening up monetary passageways and open doors for inhabitants and nearby organizations.

The Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak is the benchmark for government road project in Malaysia, giving expanded productivity all through conveyance of the undertaking, and making way for activity and support of the interstate later on. Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak is the first road and highway venture in Malaysia to use building information modelling (BIM). The BIM data has been coordinated with a geographical information system (GIS) to deliver Highway information modelling (HIM) for the whole 786 kilometers of stage one.

During the stage one delivery organize, a connected data environment (CDE) was utilized broadly to deal with the plan and development information created on the undertaking. Project delivery partner Lebuhraya Borneo Utara (LBU) utilized ProjectWise to manage 3D design data and detect clashes earlier, which helped to avoid unnecessary rework and streamline construction management.

AssetWise empowered the group to interface the important data being produced with asset tags in order to track and manage change all through project delivery. For example, endless supply of the 32-kilometer range from Telok Melano to Sematan in January 2019, LBU started coordinating development information from ProjectWise into Bentley's AssetWise for its continuous tasks and maintenance. The capacity to give consistent coordination a CDE that traverses venture conveyance and activities opens the maximum capacity of the association's information.

Having encouraged the mix of information from different sources, alongside labeling resources in accordance with the Malaysian government highway asset tagging systems MYSKATA, the CDE is giving a typical perspective on exact and solid data. AssetWise supports the benefit the board needs of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak as the single wellspring of truth for resource the board data. AssetWise combines a street data framework, an extension the board framework, and a maintenance the executive’s framework that is explicitly created and intended to incorporate improvement of non-conformance reports. It additionally incorporates a cyclic work program and redid interval installment testament for overseeing work orders, just as an online GIS, a versatile based field information assortment for stock of advantages and their condition, a pavement management system in conjunction with to HDM-4, and a constant dashboard and detailing framework.

Notwithstanding flawlessly coordinating structure and development data on the recently constructed system, LBU is likewise utilizing ContextCapture to fuse the truth setting for stretches of existing streets on a highway network built over the last 10 to 15 years. Utilizing pictures caught utilizing unmanned flying vehicles and automatons, LBU has manufactured an exact record of advantage data for the whole 1,060-kilometer Pan Borneo Highway as it attempts to meet the goals of the Malaysian government to streamline costs during operation and maintenance.

AssetWise use a CDE to encourage the between activity of various information sources, giving a typical perspective on information that conveys exact and solid data when it is required for operation, maintenance, and engineering. AssetWise empowers LBU to moderate dangers, increment operational productivity, and guarantee administrative consistence in the highway's asset management. The improved data stream and consistent mix permits the collection, analysis, and control of relevant resource data.

Thus, senior administration can settle on vital choices and policies that can be all the more productively converted into operational projects during the execution organize. The outcome is efficient, financial, and powerful management of the Pan Borneo Highway organize.

Sauani Abdul Hamid, CEO with LBU, stated, "AssetWise gives industry-driving instruments to arrange the executives and asset inventory combined with unmatched capacities in the field of road assest maintenance. AssetWise streamlines activities and maintenance through progressively educated choices dependent on the information in its CDE."