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Bentley Systems announces acquisition of Keynetix

Bentley Systems announces acquisition of Keynetix

The acquisition expands Bentley’s geotechnical offerings

Bentley Systems known to be the leading global provider of comprehensive software and digital twins services for advancing the construction, operations of infrastructure, announced the acquisition of Keynetix, a provider of Cloud-based software headquartered in the UK using the software for visualizing, modeling and sharing of geotechnical data. This acquisition expands Bentley’s geotechnical offerings.

Subsurface digital twins is essential for assessing and managing risks in infrastructure projects as well as for the planning, design, construction and operations of infrastructure assets. The underground environment and the utility networks, structures and tunnels can be modeled by the creation and curation of subsurface digital twins and analyzing and simulating the subsurface behavior.

Keynetix’s Cloud-based geotechnical knowledge management system firstly captures and then manages the underground environment information for Bentley’s geotechnical analysis applications. 

Mark Bevan, associate director, ground investigation data systems for UK-based Structural Soils, Ltd., a member of the RSK Group Ltd., said, “Bentley’s gINT and Keynetix’s HoleBASE software platforms are core, business-critical tools within our ground investigation (GI) businesses, and have been so for more than 20 years. The acquisition of Keynetix’s modern and innovative software into the Bentley portfolio, alongside the mature and proven gINT platform, is a breath-taking and exciting landmark moment within the GI digital landscape. The rapidly growing Bentley geotechnical platform is helping to maximize the potential positives of the digital shift we are experiencing within the GI workplace. Ground investigation is truly going digital.”

Roger Chandler, managing director of Keynetix, said, “Today’s announcement provides our team, customers, and partners with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance digital engineering in the geotechnical industry. At Keynetix, our mission has always been to make geotechnical data more broadly accessible and valuable. Today’s announcement will truly open up geotechnical data collaboration across Bentley, Autodesk, and other platforms.”

Greg Bentley, CEO for Bentley Systems, said, “My colleagues and I welcome our new teammates from Keynetix, led by principals Roger Chandler, Gary Morin, and Carl Grice, who for many years have envisioned the potential and necessity of geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management to enable better designs and more successful projects. The geotechnical and infrastructure professions will benefit from their continued and expanded leadership, now within Bentley Systems!”