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With BenQ’s Smart Office Solutions you can get Easier, Healthier, And More Productive Working from Home

With BenQ’s Smart Office Solutions you can get Easier, Healthier, And More Productive Working from Home

BenQ, a global leader in display solutions and DLP projectors, assists healthy working environments both at home and in office, with Android-based smart projectors with integrated video conferencing apps and eye care monitors with Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology. Businesses are in dire need for an upgrade that would address practical problems by offering employees with solutions that save time and energy. BenQ has designed just the most effective solutions to meet these needs and increase overall productivity while working from home.

BenQ, No.1 DLP Projector Brand worldwide, has unveiled their range of Smart Projectors to cater to the new working trends, BenQ Smart Projectors give a Wireless, Driver-less, PC-less & Effort-less experience for Smarter Meetings. To offer a conducive remote working environment and making it possible to project from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop—whether it’s a PC, Mac/iOS, or Android device—in a few steps with no software needed. Wireless connectivity eliminates cable clutter, and an included USB dongle means there’s no need to find the right dongle for each device.

BenQ Smart Projectors comes with a USB Type-A port that supports a broad range of file formats—such as JPEG, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

The BenQ smart projector consists of 16GB of storage and integrated business apps that raise productivity at remote meetings or video conferencing. Participants can begin a video conference with Blizz—a global team collaboration app—remotely access another computer to view files or troubleshoot via TeamViewer, create documents together through WPS Office, as well as search the internet on Firefox. BenQ Smart Control turns a smartphone into a remote control, a mouse pad, and a keyboard, enabling users to navigate the projector and its business apps directly from their own device.

The projector’s wireless internet connectivity, screen-mirroring capabilities, and built-in browser and business apps allow colleagues to remain connected and to share ideas in today’s agile, collaborative workplaces, supporting teams to be more productive.

Visit the link to learn more about BenQ Smart Projectors: https://www.benq.com/en-me/projector/business-smart-projector.html

As the industry-leading life solution provider, BenQ has innovated its proprietary eye-care technologies for its monitor users to gain quality time for their viewing activities. A full day of work can leave you fatigued, with tired eyes and a headache. These are all symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), ailments that stem from extended screen time.

BenQ’s Eye Care monitors support to reduce damaging factors while preserving maximum image integrity:

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology - BenQ monitors with Brightness Intelligence Plus track changes in ambient light and adjust screen brightness and colour temperature in accordance. This adaptable technology preserves image integrity while lowering eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

Low Blue Light Technology - Blue light, the most powerful visible light, can be particularly harmful to eyes. LBL Technology blocks the most dangerous part of the blue light spectrum to avoid damage. Enjoy added comfort and productivity by subtracting blue light from your monitor.

Flicker Free Technology - Detailed work demands intense focus. ZeroFlicker eliminates flickering that comes between you and your best work.

Learn More on the Range of BenQ Eye Care Monitors : https://www.benq.com/en-me/monitor.html

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