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  • BEAM Recognises Inspirational Education Leaders at Second Edition of Nujoom ‘The Night of Stars’ Awards
BEAM Recognises Inspirational Education Leaders at Second Edition of Nujoom ‘The Night of Stars’ Awards

Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management (BEAM) celebrated the excellence of its inspiring instructors and staff members at the current yearly Nujoom, The Evening of the Stars awards ceremony.

In its second year, the prestigious awards marked the achievements of more than 1,000 leading teachers and personnel, recognizing their payment to nurturing leaders of the future and placing BEAM's Creative Science Schools among the top worldwide British and American curriculum K-12 suppliers in the UAE.

Talking at the occasion, Mr. Salah Bukhatir, Chief Executive Officer of BEAM and Vice Chairman of Bukhatir Group said: "We are here this evening to recognize our teachers and all who support them, due to the fact that we understand that the greatest institution for social change is the school and the greatest instrument of change is the teacher."

"Your work is a huge amanah and ought to not be ignored. Hence, safeguard your belief and your worths and ensure they are mirrored in every word and action you perform. Ask on your own daily if you are the representation of what you want your students to end up being and keep evolving in the direction of your best." he included.

The Nujoom-The Evening of Stars award nominations virtually increased this year and saw acknowledgment of individuals and teams across 30 varied award groups consisting of ‘Most Dynamic Principal’, ‘Most Inspiring Leader,’ ‘Go Green Crew,’ ‘Creative Scientist,’ and the Big Trophy for ‘The Educator of the Year’ which was granted to Dr Mohamed Abid from ISCS Muwaileh.

Mr Bukhatir, in the presence of BEAM's senior management group, concluded his speech by thanking all that have worked so relentlessly to support Beam's vision recognizing the initiatives of the senior leadership group, in addition to the principals and vice principals of the institutions, the directors, supervisors, teachers and staff, and every member of the extended beam family.

BEAM's Creative Science Schools take pride in recognising each kid's unique gifts and abilities while ensuring they experience a holistic instructional process whatsoever of the campuses. Along with structure core vital assuming abilities, advertising modern languages and scientific researches, and scholastic excellence among their pupils, each of the five Creative Science Schools schools are thoroughly developed to promote strong moral worths and concepts, creating all-round global leaders of learning, innovation, humankind and faith.

Beam is widely known for its excellence in operating the British and American educational program K-12 institutions under the banner of International School of Creative Scientific Research and American School of Creative Science in Dubai and Sharjah. The Creative Science Schools give a unique combination of international curriculum blended with a strong Arabic language program enabled by skilled scholastic groups and a modern technology framework geared towards attaining solid training and learning outcomes.




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