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‘Ask an Expert’ Initiative on LinkedIn Launched By MBRSG’s Emirates Centre for Government Knowledge


‘Ask an Expert’ Initiative on LinkedIn Launched By MBRSG’s Emirates Centre for Government Knowledge

The Emirates Centre for Government Knowledge (ECGK), the management consulting arm of the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG), has launched its ‘Ask an Expert’ initiative with the goal of developing a valuable source of utilized public management expertise on the internet.

Available on the expert social networking site LinkedIn, the platform has been set up to grant professional advisory opinion and facilitate the discussion of questions posed by the public about a range of public management issues, Having addressed ‘Human Resources Management’ in its first session, Ask an Expert talk about ‘Governance and Organizational Development” on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

Live every Thursday for two hours from 12-2pm, the initiative offers an opportunity for professionals and the public to discover solutions to current and future public management and governance challenges and to raise a number of questions via the ECGK’s profile on LinkedIn. The questions will be answered by a crew of more than 70 resident and non-resident consultants from a number of disciplines from the ECGK.

His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Sabaa Al-Marri, Executive President of MBRSG, affirmed that the school devotes its abilities to engage students, professionals and members of the public who are fascinated in interacting and debating a number of problems associated to management, administration and policy. He stated that a important factor of the school’s mandate was to spread knowledge via platforms that can successfully facilitate communication between MBRSG and the public.

"The Ask an Expert initiative displays the non-stop efforts of MBRSG to set up a learning strategy based on spreading expertise to the widest range using cutting-edge technology, mainly in light of the present day scenario that requires us to reach out to scientific and educational societies and leaders in the government and private sectors. The platform allows us to reinforce our function in enhancing government performance in a number of fields in order to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and to proceed to work successfully and effectively,’ stated His Excellency.

"We are making each and every effort to give real scientific value that leaves a sustainable impact for our students and government leaders in the UAE and the region. The approaching duration will witness the launch of extra initiatives by which we will be able to discover solutions to all our present day and future challenges,” delivered His Excellency.

 The Ask an Expert initiative targets leaders and decision-makers in the federal and local governments in the UAE, the GCC, and the vicinity as a whole. It additionally goals to be incredibly relevant to those who are looking for to apprehend and learn about the UAE’s best practices, those who are fascinated in the public management, students conducting research as part of their graduate levels (masters and graduate students).

"Ask an Expert is an innovative initiative that makes use of present day communication technology to create a change in the methodology of distance learning and consulting. It employs LinkedIn’s flexible tools in disseminating expertise and exchanging knowledge, expertise, insights and solutions on a number of management-related topics,” stated Sarah Talib, Director of the ECGK.

"The initiative represents a sustainable reference for a number of public management specializations. Ask an Expert allows its live discussions and content to be accessible to all of us and can be referred to at any time. This permits students, experts and those fascinated in growing their respective fields of public management,to make the most of them, as a dependable and sustainable reference,” Talib added.

Talib pointed out that the Human Resources Management discussion that kicked off the initiative previous week, touched on the role of human resources departments to take benefit of the present coronavirus pandemic and to flip it into an opportunity to increase and radically change mindsets and the organizational cultures of their respective institutions. The session explored the extent of the present crisis’s influence on human resources policies and the essential policies and legislations that will need to be enacted post-COVID-19. It additionally mentioned the feasibility of having unique psychological skills for human resources departments and examined the necessity of attaining institutional improvement and transferring from the notions of human resources management to talent management, as well as the role of Artificial Intelligence and a number of technologies in offering human resources services post-pandemic.

Sarah Talib highlighted that the inaugural discussion attracted more than 2,000 followers on ECGK’s profile and obtained more than 100 questions, which have been answered by the consultants at the center. She stated the subjects that will be included by the Ask an Expert initiative in the coming weeks will consist of ‘Strategy and Organizational Performance,’ ‘Innovation Management’ and ‘Knowledge Management.’