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ASDA'A BCW subsidiaries include Proof Communications and PSB
Digital Communications Specialist Stefanie Spanos joins as Proof Director Research and international communications specialist Michael Hodgkinson joins PSB Middle East

Leading Middle East PR agency ASDA’A BCW has acquired its subsidiaries Proof Communications, Digital, Data and Design Specialist and its exclusive research firm PSB. The move comes as its Power of Three strategy continues to reap dividends by providing a full-service, integrated communications platform to customers in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Stefanie Spanos is Associate Director of Proof Communication - Joining Digital, bringing her 12 years of experience from Canada, the UK and the UAE. Spanos was instrumental in launching the world's largest blockchain festival in Dubai and bringing the discovery fund to Mohammed bin Rashid. She previously worked with Edelman and is an expert in digital analytics and data in the communications and PR field.

Michael Hodgkinson, Senior Advisor to PSB Middle East, has experience in international communications and strategic research with top companies in the Middle East and Europe. A graduate of Oxford University with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Michael has led the GSK Global Distribution Group at BSP, as well as numerous corporate and government projects in the Middle East.

Sunil John, Founder of ASDA'A BCW and President of BCW Middle East told, “ Public relations in MENA always requires a more sophisticated approach than other regions. We have reevaluated one of the fastest growing economies in the world where digital communication and data are in high demand. ASDA'A BCW extended its operation a few years ago, embracing three power sources, including digital and data expertise through research by its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Proof Communications and PSB. We are fortunate to have Stephanie and Michael bring a team to strengthen our offering in these important fields.”

Proof Communications began as the digital and branding arm of ASDA'A BCW and grew into a fully-fledged digital and design company catering to customers across the Middle East. Recent years have included memorable campaigns of proof "We See Genius in Every Child" Welcome to the Ford Middle East driver's seat campaign, which won the GEMS education and several awards, marking the historic move to allow Saudi women to drive for the first time.

PSB specializes in custom research and analytics around the world, using a deep understanding of people, science and business to create human insights. It has provided strategic guidance in over 100 countries in the health, technology, blue-chip corporate, finance, entertainment and public sectors. It is also a member of BCW Group of Companies, part of WPP, a creative transformation company.




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