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Artificial Intelligence seen to play a significant role in driving success rate of IVF treatments
IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic says experts should continue to research on how next-gen technology can help address infertility

Studies showing how fertility professionals can leverage the next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help infertile couples in their arduous parenthood journey are growing with promising results. The modern study to have come out in this regard is in the United States.

Researchers have claimed that the results of their study could help enhance the success rate of In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) method, a extensively known Assisted Reproductive Technology, by finding out early on if an in vitro fertilised human embryo could lead to live birth. According to an online report, they used an AI-driven system to study a massive number of time-lapse images of the early-stage embryos to identify with a great degree of accuracy which ones would most probably result in healthy babies. The technique is also viewed to assist lower the risk of multiple pregnancies.

Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, defined that the process of choosing the healthiest embryos for implantation in a womans uterus involves a cautious examination of the embryo´s appearance at the blastocyst stage, or the early development phase. Prof. Dr. Fatemi conceded that bringing AI into the image would assist enhance and standardize the present day critical embryo decision system, which, for many experts, has remained very subjective and inconsistent. The technology utilises mathematical techniques to point out a potential embryo.

Generally speaking, the embryo satisfactory is just one element used by experts to establish the possibilities of having a successful pregnancy in the IVF procedure. With that said, however, it should be pointed out that it is highly crucial in the whole process. AI has been changing the landscape of many fields and disciplines and the area of fertility treatment is no different. We have to continue to look into the advantages of completely embracing this technology and its impact on our efforts to constantly increase our success rate. This will bring greater hope to many couples who are struggling to conceive, added Dr Laura Melado, IVF Specialist, IVI Fertility, Abu Dhabi. In addition, recent publications showed that utilising the

AI technology is affordable and non-invasive apart from accelerating and promoting higher consistency in the embryo selection process.

IVI Middle East is part of IVI, the world leader in delivering fertility treatments. IVI runs 68 clinics and is responsible for the birth of 160,000 children worldwide. IVI Middle East, in particular, manages ultra-modern clinics in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE and Muscat in Oman.




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