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‘Arabian horse race’ at Al Dhafra Festival

‘Arabian horse race’ at Al Dhafra Festival

There are many Horse Racing competitions in the Gulf region, yet the most wonderful hustling is in Al Dhafra Festival, where all Bedouin life lovers assembled away from the splendid lights of the city, to appreciate the most delightful landscape of the Empty Quarter or "Rub' Al Khali' desert, and to celebrate and safeguard the heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

The thirteenth version of Al Dhafra Festival incorporated a thoroughbred Arabian horse race, which designated 9 prizes dispersed to 3 rounds (Al Dhafra main round, the open round and beginnners round).

With respect to Al Dhafra main round, Suheil Ali Al Mazroie (Horse’s name Majd Al Gharbiyah) won the first place. Ahmad Mohamad Al Marar (Nahawand) won the first place in the open round. Saif Asheer Al Mazroie (Al Maith) won the first place in the beginners round. The champs guaranteed that the celebration is an extraordinary stage for them to feature UAE culture and heritage with satisfaction, and urge their kids to shield these traditions.

The present edition has demonstrated to be the greatest ever till date with a wide scope of projects turned out at the scene, including; a camel beauty contest , saluki (greyhound), falcon and date packaging competitions, milky camel contest, just as Nabati poetry, photography and cooking competitions. There will likewise a traditional Souq for the UAE's heritage indsuutries with in excess of 180 particular shops

The absolute prize sum has been expanded to Dh60 million, with Dh25 million for camel race and Dh8 million for different heritage occasions.