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Along with the annual staff and partners event, Saudi German Health celebrates their transformation

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Along with the annual staff and partners event, Saudi German Health celebrates their transformation

The highlight of Hybrid gather is the group’s success stories and roadmap for future growth

Saudi German Health celebrated their transformation and launched its new brand in a hybrid event, which hosted thousands of attendees virtually and physically at its hospitals across the region. The event, was led by Chairman Eng. Sobhi Batterjee, and President and Vice Chairman Makarem Sobhi Batterjee and presented by famous Saudi presenter, Ali Al Mishaal. The event was very well received by all partners, investors and staff members who showed up.

Various success stories and accomplishments were highlighted, staff members were awarded, and all stakeholders were introduced to the future Saudi German Health and its new brand promise, “Caring like family” at the event.

The group has evolved from Saudi German Hospitals Group, into a comprehensive healthcare organization called Saudi German Health. The rebranding aims to reflect the current prominent regional market standing of the 33-year-old group, its modern take on healthcare, key contributions to the ever-expanding health industry in the region and its journey towards solidifying global leadership. 

Along with the new brand launch, the other achievement was the creation of a department dedicated to improving staff experience. The department is tasked to implement initiatives focused on making the employees across ranks and divisions feel valued and appreciated as members of the SGH family. Adding on, SGH plans were presented during the 2021 gathering to ensure that the group moves as a single, unified unit towards the fulfillment of its vision. 

“Care Award”. The “Care Award” among the various awards given to SGH employees, has been given to the employees to value and acknowledge then for having demonstrated true commitment and care for patients like family, in line with the new brand promise. 

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President and Vice Chairman, Saudi German Health, said: “From just one hospital in Jeddah, Saudi German Health is now a full-fledged healthcare network that delivers end-to-end care for its patients. This historic milestone that we celebrated as a family during our annual event reflects our commitment to lead the way forward, as we continue to help establish a globally competitive regional healthcare industry. Our achievements would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of all our employees, who have stayed with us from the beginning through this landmark transition. The event was an opportunity to extend our appreciation and gratitude to them.”

 Saudi German Hospital, Saudi German Clinics, Saudi German Pharmacy, Saudi German Academy, and Beverly Clinics are the many different brands and entities of Saudi German Health group. All of which are striding forward to live up to the ‘Caring like family’ promise.