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Ali Bin Sebaa Al Marri shed lights upon the present coronavirus challenge is an opportunity to enhance sectors, use technology, and manage future crises

Ali Bin Sebaa Al Marri shed lights upon the present coronavirus challenge is an opportunity to enhance sectors, use technology, and manage future crises

Dubai News
Dubai News

The present day coronavirus pandemic is an unrivalled possibility for development – that was the message delivered previous week by His Excellency Dr. Ali Bin Sebaa Al Marri, Executive President of the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG).

Speaking at the first in a series of live Instagram sessions that MBRSG has launched to stimulate interaction on the outcomes of the coronavirus, His Excellency mentioned that during the outbreak is a task dealing with all countries throughout the world, it additionally represents an exceptional possibility to enhance systems of government and improve the operations of the private sector.

Topics for the MBRSG sessions, which are being performed every Monday and Wednesday, encompass discovering solutions for the problems created by the virus, analyzing its consequences on key sectors, assessing its danger to business continuity, and exploring the potential possibilities it is giving upward push to - both now and once the pandemic is over.

“Governments are accountable for defending their citizens in the course of trouble and all institutions have to realize the importance of risk management and extend their preparedness to deal with each and every scenario. The present day crisis has created a novel scenario for the UAE and the region, which we are dealing with for the first time, so we have an array of new experiences to analyze from and to share,”said H.E. Al Marri.

“Our wise leadership encourages us to flip every venture into an possibility and how we deal with the coronavirus pandemic need to be no different. From our present day position we can formulate solutions that can be used in the event of future crises and emergencies - this approach have to be a global one to be employed at both the level of government and at the level of individuals, family and society,” H.E. added.

His Excellency in addition mentioned that the federal and local government, together with the private sector, had an integral position to play in activating digital transformation and upgrading technological infrastructure to facilitate work and learn from home. He pointed out that this transformation enhances the flexibility of government and helps innovation that ensures that sectors run as successfully as in ordinary times.He also extended his gratitude to the doctors, paramedics, nurses and other frontline healthcare workforce who are combating the pandemic, announcing that society will usually keep in mind their selfless efforts with a new-found and honest appreciation.

His Excellency concluded by stating that this disaster has taught people how to manage time, how to work remotely, and how to accomplish duties with high productiveness utilizing the available technical means. He pressured another advantageous element in that it is showing all of us the values of family cohesion, harmony and dedication to the community.

Agile Government: Crisis Responses and Learning

Also, as part of MBRSG’s Instagram series, Melodena Stephens, Professor of Innovation Management at MBRSG,gave a live lecture previous Wednesday under the theme ‘Agile Government: Crisis Responses and Learning.’

Starting the lecture, Professor Stephens thanked the UAE government, announcing that it was managing the crisis transparently and that its dealing with of the scenario was a international model of best practice and a benchmark for different countries to follow.

“Governments have to take into consideration three troubles to improve their resilience; initially developing public policies in anticipation of future crises; secondly, building a conversation method based on transparency; and thirdly, making sure they possess the excellent equipment and mechanisms to clear up the array of troubles that can occur in the course of such times,” stated Professor Stephens.

“Governments ought to provide precedence to maintaining human health and safety by their policies and future plans, and need to focus on working with a spirit of unity. Crises such as this call for elevating the degree of cooperation between all government agencies to attain the very best results,” she added.

Professor Stephens pointed out that transparency in all crises is vital to right false information and counter rumours. She added that in such terrific times, governments have to instantly tackle troubles that are identified, as ignoring them or sitting on them for too long only causes them to develop in significance, making them more difficult to overcome down the line.

MBRSG’s live Instagram classes are being carried out each and every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm till April 29, 2020. The sessions are being streamed live on MBRSG’s official Instagram account: @MBRSGAE.

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