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Al Falak successfully establishes Eaton 9PHD UPS in Saudi Arabia for the first time

Al Falak successfully establishes Eaton 9PHD UPS in Saudi Arabia for the first time

Next generation 9PHD UPS unit installed and tested at Ulker Saudi Arabia’s facility

Al Falak Electronic equipment and Distribution Company, Is a leading information technology (IT) and communications solutions provider in Saudi Arabia (KSA), The Eaton 9PHD 200kVA Heavy-Duty Industrial UPS recently reached a milestone after successfully completing the installation and testing.

Al Falak installed the next generation of Eaton 9 PHD UPS was established to provide sustainable, uninterrupted, clean electricity supply to the food manufacturer Ulker Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Ashadawi, President and CEO, Al Falak, said: “We are pleased to announce that the Al Falak Group has successfully delivered, installed and tested the Eaton 9 PHD UPS at the Ulkar Factory. Although we have been distributing Eaton products for the past 15 years, this is the first time this next generation product is being delivered and installed in the Saudi Arabian market. The new industrial UPS is designed not only boasts with a smaller footprint but also with internal transformer options to make it suitable for use in monitoring, security and control and manufacturing applications. Ulker will benefit significantly from this advanced segment."

Installation and servicing of UPS units is often considered a challenge, as they are in traditionally hard-to-reach manufacturing areas. This set aside the Eaton 9PHD. It has a modular structure for easy installation and maintenance, and features a lifting lugs and wheels for easy handling of a heavy-duty unit when installing, removing and servicing. In addition, it provides convenient front access and ample internal cable connection space to support quick cable termination and the use of dual cables.

Other key features of the 9PHD UPS include protection from dirt, dust, water and moisture; Uniformly coated PCB boards; a strong cabinet for vibration and seismic environments; 1.5 mm cover plates for strong use; Touch screen display for easy operation; redundant monitored cooling fans in each power module; And battery startup feature.
It also has a strong format for demanding industrial environments; Smart technology to increase reliability and reduce operating costs; and easy deployment to improve installation costs.

Al Falak was founded in 1981 to assist and contribute to the technological modernization of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Al Falak has been Played in the evolution of IT by serving a wide range of customers across the region, including government ministries and agencies, universities and prestigious private sector organizations in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait.