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Al-Dhafra Festival "2019" combines the past with the present and what's to come

Al-Dhafra Festival "2019" combines the past with the present and what's to come

Madinat Zayed-Al-Dhafra, 21th of December 2019

The 13th version of Al-Dhafra Festival keeps on facilitating its occasions in Madinat Zayed, Al-Dhafra, Abu Dhabi, under the support of H.H. Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and under the supervision of Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee in Abu Dhabi.

The festival is seeing wide investment, not only from local people, yet additionally from gulf individuals and foreign tourists who came from all over to be a segments of the festival's different occasions and challenges and to appreciate the customary, warm air of this historical area.

Al-Dhafra Festival combines the past with the present and what's to come

Obaid Khalfan Al-Mazroui, Director of Projects and Planning in the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee Abu Dhabi, emphasized on the way that the present world is changing and growing quickly through the numerous revelations and examines.

Al-Mazroui have additionally alluded to the insightful authority's directions that plan to profit by the mechanical upheaval and the artificial intelligence advances, something that Al-Dhafra Festival makes certain to execute through adjusting current innovation in the festival's occasions and enactments.

The Children's Village adds to building up the more youthful guests' scholarly intellectual skills

Abdullah Butti Al-Qubaisi, Events and Communication Director in the committee, said that the Children's Village at Al-Dhafra Festival adds to building up its young guests' scholarly aptitudes through the every day questionnaires and workshops facilitated.

He additionally affirmed the advisory group's enthusiasm for fortifying and supporting legacy festivals and occasions, thinking about that it assumes a significant job in showing people in the future to protect their social legacy and its segments. He added that it's likewise indispensable to profit by present day innovation and artificial intelligence systems so as to move this social and legacy message to the people in the future.

"Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation": looking forward at what's to come

Among the unique wings of the current year's release of the festival is the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation wing which is pulling in enormous quantities of guests, particularly youngsters.

The exhibitors at the wing have clarified their enthusiasm for speaking with the more youthful audience, seeing that they are the country's future who will keep on checking history with their accomplishments.

"Abu Dhabi Distribution Company" bring issues to light about sustainability and saving nature

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company wing centers around raising the guests' mindfulness about the significance of accomplishing long haul manageability so as to safeguard the earth and the regular natural assets.

Another assistance offered by the organization is "Tarsheed", a help that means to spare water by introducing pieces that diminish water stream from taps, something that can save upto 60% of water. It is advantageous to make reference to that the organization willingly volunteered to change the bathing taps in 750 mosques with sensor taps, an activity which brought about conserving around 7 to 8 million Dirhams worth of water in one month.

Delegated function for the winners at the Camel Beauty Contest for Sheikhs' camels - classes "Mahaliyyat" and "Majaheem"

Al-Dhafra Festival 2019 facilitated the delegated function for the winners at the Camels Beauty Contest for the Sheikhs' camels from the classes "Mahaliyyat" and "Majaheem" in Madinat Zayed, Al-Dhafra area, Abu Dhabi. The crowning ceremony occurred in the primary grandstand at the challenge's ground with a wide support of camel proprietors and legacy lovers.

"Ladies Day": an activity that mirrors the significance of ladies and children

In spite of the substantial downpours, Al-Dhafra Festival saw wide cooperation during its 11th day. The "Ladies day" which was explicitly devoted to ladies assumed a colossal job in drawing in ladies and young girls to visit the festival's grounds and take part in the facilitated occasions and activations.

Fatima Al-Mazroui, guest, communicated her satisfaction towards the festival's drive of committing an entire day to women, something that energized her and her family members to go to the festival and investigate its various parts.

Exhibitors at the customary market: "Ladies day" was devoted to ladies, the market has seen an expansion in deals by 30%

Various exhibitors at the conventional market of the festival offered their thanks towards the festival's administration for sorting out the Ladies’ day. This activity saw an extraordinary investment from various age gatherings, which assumed a significant job in expanding the deals by 30% in contrast with the other festival days.

Samia Al-Ali, an exhibitor at the traditional market, said that the interest on displayed merchandise isn't restricted to local people, and that foreign visitors are likewise enthused about communicating their esteem towards the Emirati culture by obtaining customary Emirati items as endowments or souvenirs.

The "customary outfit" challenge features the historical backdrop of Emirati ladies' conventional ensembles

The "traditional costume" challenge, which occurred the previous night, pulled in capable members who showed their very own customized plans for regular's conventional costumes.

Laila Al-Qubaisi, Heritage Programs Coordinator in the arranging committee of the festival, clarified that this challenge is a piece of a huge gathering of legacy challenges that are sorted out and facilitated during the festival. She included that these challenges mirror the getting sorted out organising committee’s objectives which expect to strengthen relevance and loyalty esteems.

Registration open for "Dates' packaging challenge"

The jury of the "Dates' packaging challenge" which is occurring during Al-Dhafra Festival 2019, opened the registration for the challenge. The consequences of this challenge will be communicated tomorrow night, Friday the 20th of December, on the challenge's area in Al-Dhafra Festival customary market.

Al-Dhafra festival 2019 will be occurring until the 25th of December in Al-Dhafra locale. Traditional camps are spread all around the festival's grounds and are available to guests.