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Akhbar Al Aan announces a new visual identity and its new positioning ‘The Story Belongs to Everyone’

  • ‘The Story Belongs to Everyone’

Akhbar Al Aan announces a new visual identity and its new positioning ‘The Story Belongs to Everyone’


  • Inspirational talks with experienced media personalities from the Arab region
  • Innovative media approach aims to convey the news and narrate inspiring stories to the younger generation


Akhbar Al Aan has launched its new positioning ‘The Story Belongs to Everyone’ encouraged by some of the most prominent and influential stories known in the Arab media. The launch is a step closer to Akhbar Al Aan’s efforts to implement an innovative platform where the young generation can communicate their opinions, aspirations, concerns, and ideas, and directly contribute to building a brighter future.  

Meanwhile at the launch of the ceremony, Akhbar Al Aan held a talk featuring leading media professionals and known personalities from Arab media who gave shrewd messages. The special guests have played a dominant role in developing the potentials of the sector and have been a source of encouragement for Akhbar Al Aan to rebuild its brand and focus mainly on reaching out to the youth and supporting their ambitions. 

Rania Sayah, Current Affairs Director at Al Aan TV; Veteran Journalist Baker Atyani, Regional Head of Southeast Asia Bureau, Arab News; Nisreen Sadek, journalist; Nihad Jariri, journalist; Wassim Oraby, Team Leader of Investigative Journalism at Akhbar Al Aan, as well as roving international reporter Jenan Mousa, who joined the session via a video presentation were the few well-known participants of the event. 

Popular media figures also shared their inspiring stories which provided a notable opportunity for the audience to learn about the behind-the-scenes stories of courageous and impactful journalism. Some of the most lively and inspiring stories were also revealed for the first time, further adding light onto the new platform’s role in spreading the message of hope among audiences in the Arab world.

Solange El Rassi, Head of Public Relations & Corporate Communications, Al Aan TV, explained that ‘The story belongs to everyone’ is a whole new approach which employs innovative ways to convey the news and tell stories that inspire the young generation. 

El Rassi noted: “This event gave us the opportunity to listen to some of the most distinguished media professionals in the Arab world and benefit from their insights and rich experiences. These are valuable inputs to our common goal of educating, empowering, and motivating the young generation, as well as learning from them.”

Solange lauded the role of Amir Fehri, a young Tunisian author. “Akhbar Al Aan is committed to supporting the younger generation through several pioneering initiatives, especially with our fruitful cooperation with Amir Fehri, a Tunisian genius whom we consider as among the world’s brightest minds in his young age of 16. He is a messenger of hope and positivity who carries the ambition and aspirations of the Arab youth,” El Rassi remarked.

El Rassi further shared that Fehri has already written several publications about the interests of the Arab youth and earned the world’s attention for his exceptional performance in many local and international competitions and participation in several global forums. The Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization appointed Fehri as the Ambassador of Arab Innovators. 

El Rassi concluded: “We will continue building bridges of communication with the young people so that their news becomes ours. We believe that our cooperation with them is an important addition to our role and is key to shaping the future. We look forward to learning everything new and innovative from our young talents, especially with regard to social and digital journalism, while putting our experience, professionalism and reach at their service.”