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The Act premieres exclusively on STARZPLAY

The Act premieres exclusively on STARZPLAY

The story shows how reality can be more disturbing than the wildest of any fiction writer’s imagination.

‘Based on a true story’ is a tagline that is being often used as a marketing gimmick to attract viewers’ attention to haunted houses, creaking floors and the invisible creatures hiding in the shadows but when it comes to The Act, the critically-acclaimed drama from writers Nick Antosca and Michelle Dean, the horrors are real and well-documented and the one who is haunting her life is no one else but her own mother.

Exclusively premiering on STARZPLAY, the region’s leading subscription video on demand (SVOD) service, The Act tells a story of Dee Dee Blanchard (Oscar winner Patricia Arquette), the overprotective mother of Gysy (Joey King) who is trying to escape this toxic relationship by any means possible. Gypsy’s quest of independence opens up a Pandora’s box of secrets.

The Act that is based on a Buzzfeed article that emphasized the shocking details of the 2015 crime presents a story that displays how reality can be more terrible than any of the wildest imagination of a fiction writer. The series is executive-produced by Antosca and Dean along with Greg Shephard and Britton Rizzio. UCP, where Antosca is under an overall deal, is the studio.

All eight episodes of The Act which is the first season is set to be an anthology series is now available to stream exclusively on STARZPLAY.

Stream the entire first season of The Act, critically-acclaimed drama on the region’s leading SVOD service.