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Abu Dhabi Folklore Group perform 'Al Ayala' move at Al Dhafra Festival

Performed during Al Dhafra Festival to commend the UAE legacy and customs, 'Al Ayala'; the dance that suggestive of bygone eras and imitates a test, where two lines of men standing eye to eye, conveying slight bamboo sticks to speak to lances or swords, reciting customary Bedouin tunes while waving their adheres to the cadenced beat of drums.

At that point, the men dance to and fro, implying triumph or defeat; they likewise poetic verses and move their heads and sticks in a state of harmony with the drum rhythm beat.

Each day of the celebration, Abu Dhabi Folklore Group respect the guests with the beats of conventional music, and spread joy and bliss among them all. The 'Ayala' dance encapsulates the soul of legacy in this piece of the world.

In November 2014, the UAE has effectively recorded 'Al Ayala' on UNESCOs Representatives List of Intangible Cultural Heritage Items of Humanity. This social practice is presently set to develop progressively mainstream over the regional community, including the more youthful ages who are currently acquiring the workmanship.

The gathering was related during the early years with major arab artists, authors and choreographers, yet it checks exclusively now on neighborhood abilities and has around fifty individuals.

The Abu Dhabi Folklore Group puts in front of an audience the enchantment of the desert with its grand hues, ensembles and embellishments. It discovers motivation in the numerous customary expressive expressions like Al Rizfa (folk dance), Liwa craftsmanship, Al Ahla workmanship, Al Maled (art of recitation), Al Habban (folk dance), Al Tanboura art, Al Nouban and numerous others.




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