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1.5 Million Visits from Around the World - ‘Dubai Pulse’ Platform Rakes itself

1.5 Million Visits from Around the World - ‘Dubai Pulse’ Platform Rakes itself

Smart Dubai disclosed the important global appetite for the information it publishes for its Dubai Pulse – the backbone of the emirate’s smart transformation – with 1.5 million visits in August 2019.

Users around the globe have increased interest in the SMART Dubai Data, the Smart Dubai arm that fosters the city's database ecosystem, and they have introduced ' Data First, The City's Data Challenge ' in July 2019.

"The global interest in Dubai Pulse Platform is an important achievement in itself," said His Excellency Younus Al Nasser, Smart Dubai's Assistant Director General and CEO of Smart Dubai Data. It contributes to the global attention of our emirates, which has set several precedents one after the other. This has led towns across the globe to use this access to our published information to comprehend the catalysts behind the achievement of Dubai.

"Additionally, increasing numbers of visits reflect Dubai's maturity in information sharing and opening via the Dubai Pulse platform," H.E added "To the Smart Dubai Data record it adds another milestone, where we aim to enforce our vision of leadership to make Dubai the world leader in information– the oil of the future."

"Data from any town in the globe would only improve their competitiveness and attractiveness to foreign investments," H.E. Al Nasser explained, "This transparency also serves to highlight the investment and opportunities of Dubai, boost the Emirates ' attraction for business tourism and make it an innovative champion of information analysis and use."
"These data drives all of Dubai's policies to improve the worldwide picture and soft power, demonstrating the accomplishments of the Emirates in every industry. It gives Dubai citizens and residents, and everybody who regards it as a future location to reside and invest, "stated the CEO of Smart Dubai Data.

A closer look at the platform's visitor activity shows special interest in information from the Roads and Transport Authority. The RTA started with 29% of opinions, reflecting the significance of this industry for tourists and Emirates alike. 54% of the information downloaded from the platform was also RTA information.

Dubai Pulse now has 425 of the 2,000 datasets that the platform is planning to add. The data involves all key industries of the Dubai economy, business sector, education, the environment, finance, public policy, health care, housing, visas for residency, safety and justice, sports and transport (land and maritime).

The data is divided into two classifications: Open Data, accessible to all and accessible whenever necessary. In the meantime, the shared data is given by and for different public entities involved. A shared dataset may be requested by the private sector or the general public; applications are processed and decisions made on the basis of the application. The biggest amount of information opinions came from outside the Emirate, in particular from the United States.

Dubai Pulse has been developed as an integral part of a digital transformation in the city, providing open and shared information to stakeholders in the city for insight, improving decision-making for both government and private sector organizations. Dubai Pulse Data is an enormous part of the achievement of Smart Dubai as the happiest and most intelligently situated town in the world.