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10 Things to know about Canon

10 Things to know about Canon

1.   Canon Medical and FC Barcelona have reiterated their partnership for a further five seasons. Canon Medical will supply the club with leading-edge diagnostic imaging systems and both are committed to leading the way with advanced solutions for the sporting community and beyond.


2.   Continuing our commitment to cloud-based solutions, we and NT-ware have announced support for the upcoming Universal Print developed by Microsoft. This has been designed to provide a modern print service experience for businesses and educational institutions. 


3.   CINC has captured all of the ways that Canon has supported local communities, including how we have been working to provide products and services that support new work and lifestyles in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


4.   Our very own Director of Information Security, Quentyn Taylor, joined Cisco’s Security Stories podcasts to discuss how to make the perfect cybersecurity cocktail and more.


5.    Canon Ambassador Helen Bartlett was inspired by her childhood and the pictures her father took of her and her brothers. She now uses this inspiration to take treasured photos of children and their families. Learn more about her inspiration and story.


6.   We have recently launched the imagePROGRAF PRO-300, allowing us to offer end-to-end capabilities from capture to print. Also, our new ProStream 1800 printer boasts the highest resolution and print quality of any digital printing press and has been designed to push the boundaries of commercial print to meet changing customer demands.


7.   Canon Middle East has launched AKTASHIF which will offer youth in the region the chance to get ahead and face modern-day challenges through relevant training and mentorship. This complements Canon’s global initiative to empower youth and highlight the significance of their contributions in overcoming economic and social challenges.


8.   As our lives, lifestyles, and working environments have to adapt and change to ‘The New Normal’, read our helpful hints and tips on how you can prepare your work environment for the future.


9.   Sustainability is an area where actions very much speak louder than words and one institution talking the talk and walking the walk is University College Cork in Ireland. Learn how they used our EQ80 line up to help them continue being one of the most sustainable universities in the world. 


10.  Canon Ambassador Clive Booth and Suhaib Hussain from our product team give their expert advice on how to produce professional photo prints yourself and the benefits of creating a streamlined workflow that stays in-house.