The Man with 22 Apartments in Burj Khalifa

George V Nereparambil is an extraordinary exception, an inspiration to people around the world. This mechanic-turned-businessman from the state of Kerala in India, is the proud owner of not one but twenty-two apartments in Burj Khalifa!

From helping his father in growing cash crops back in his hometown of Trissur to becoming a widely known business tycoon, George portrays himself as an exemplary leader. George recalls how it all began with a silly joke when one of his relatives, standing before the Burj Khalifa with him, mocked how George wasnt even going to step into the interiors of the tantalizingly luxurious structure before them.

This triggered an urge in George to prove him wrong and show his worth to the world. Challenging the remark, George went on to take giant leaps in business, currently the owner of 22 of the 900 posh apartments in Burj Khalifa. With his business expanding, he found Burj Khalifa an ideal place to invest in.12 out of the 22 apartments have already been rented by tenants. In the coming years, George aims to bring the number 22 to 25.

He is said to be spending around 3 million Dirhams just to maintain these properties, per year.George is also the second biggest shareholder in Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) after Kerala Government, with a 14% stake. He is also the founder of Geo Group of Companies which is deemed one of the largest business firms in the Middle East with a versatile portfolio. Four decades ago when George left his hometown for good.

He turned the hot climate of the Gulf countries into his advantage, collecting second-hand air-conditioners, repairing them and selling for better prices. This is what that grew to become a firm as big as to encompass around 15 diverse companies offering varied products and services. George is also the director and shareholder of a super specialty hospital and some healthcare projects in IndiaGeorge, lovingly called Georgettan by his people in Trissur, is also a philanthropist with his numerous generous contributions and charity works in many fields.

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