World’s first 5G smart phone with the Qualcomm 5G chip gets launched by OPPO a leading smart phone brand

OPPO, the world's leading smart phone brand, has announced that it will be the first company worldwide to introduce a 5 G smart phone, which uses the new Qualcomm 5 G chip. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the smart phone will be commercially available.

The new Qualcomm 5G chip was launched at IFA Berlin 2019 and incorporates 5G baseband and the 5G modem into the processors. The chip has high AI capability and enables the game experience to get optimized.

Ethan Xue, OPPO MEA President said: "OPPO has always tried to deliver the latest and most advanced technology to its customers throughout the world. The introduction of the world's first smartphone to support the new Qualcomm 5 G chip confirms OPPO's commitment to a seamless and outstanding use of its unique and premium products.

The Qualcomm 5G chip has 5G in a system-on-chip (SoC) integrated and is suitable for all key regions and frequency bands. This highly efficient, 7 nm process technology based mobile platform is intended to surpass today's mobile experiences and bring some premium features to a wider audience. This platform is highly efficient.

Earlier this month, OPPO also launched its first 5 G smartphone in the GCC. The smartphone offers a superior user experience combining the next generation 5G connectivity with the power of OPPO's premium Reno series.




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