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What’s More Beautiful Than The Opportunity to Turn Back The Clock!

What’s More Beautiful Than The Opportunity to Turn Back The Clock!

  • What’s More Beautiful Than The Opportunity to Turn Back The Clock!

That's just what Kaya Skin Center's Project Rewind is about. The region's most significant skin clinic offers ladies throughout four GCC nations, an opportunity to win against ageing, with an extensive bundle customized for the person. From Botox ® and fillers to PRP and progressed non-surgical face lifts, Kaya brings it all together. The Rewind, as the experience is called, is meticulously crafted by the region's top skin specialists to take a couple of years off the face in one of the most subtle manner possible, retaining the subtleties that define every person's all-natural expressions.

Released in 2015 to an enthusiastic function, Project Rewind is an annual contest that survives social networks - Kaya's Facebook web page to be precise, and can be accessed from any of Kaya's social networks properties.

Currently in its second year, the contest attracts a spontaneous reaction from the brand's ever-growing community of customers and followers.

To attempt winning a Rewind, all that a hopeful has to do is visit Kaya's Facebook web page, kayaskinclinicarabia, and DM Kaya with a compelling and authentic reason that she needs a Rewind, together with her photo, name, age and contact number.

In its launch year, Project Rewind picked one winner each from the UAE, KSA and Oman. Fast forward to 2016. With the addition of Kuwait to the Kaya map, and the opening of even more clinics, our canvas has actually grown also larger, and Project Rewind will include numerous a lot more champions.

Exactly what's especially lovely about the Kaya Rewind technique is that it isn't about an overtly apparent anti-ageing transformation. The focus gets on subtlety, with the right touches in the appropriate areas.

Nowhere did this insight come alive more noticeably than in words of Michaela Brett, Winner (UAE) of Project Rewind 2015. A mum of 2 in her mid 30s, she is the archetypical instance of the more youthful individual of age-control services, who is looking for a little a refresh, as opposed to a remarkable turnaround. "I don't wish to shed the Michaela appearance ... Rewind me by two years, three years possibly."

Well, it isn't each day that a competition winner points towards what our following campaign message might be. As our 2016 theme puts it, with a Kaya Rewind you can turn back the clock "just a little".

While success can be measured in the number of actions and in the pleasure we bring our winners, the underlying goal of Project Rewind is to show women just how age-control, done right could boost their quality of life with style and grace. As our dermatologists place it, “Everyone will notice, no one will know.”

For those that would love to discover more concerning what it feels like to win a Rewind, Kaya's Facebook page features in 2015's winners, Michaela Brett from the UAE and Gay Clifford from Oman. Their videos say everything!

Beyond the contest, Kaya supplies customers yet another unique, once-in-a-year possibility: a Rewind at a much-awaited 15% off. That's a wonderful saving across the whole range of age-control solutions: from Botox ® and fillers to PRP and advanced non-surgical face raises. Properly personalized obviously. So it does not actually take much. Just a little!

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