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Wasl properties leases 126 units in 6 hours as part of Summer Deals.

Wasl properties leases 126 units in 6 hours as part of Summer Deals.

wasl properties, one of the biggest real estate development and management companies in Dubai has declared the leasing of 126 residential units from its residential portfolio across Dubai in six hours as part of its Summer Deals campaign that started on 20 August. This action restates the company’s continued strategic plan and its well-thought-out plans, both of which add to strengthening its status as a principal company in an extremely ambitious market.

The company had stated that the leasing method would be created transferred online, indicating a first for Dubai’s real estate market. This lets potential clients keep their coveted units by presenting all the necessary personal details as well as settle and take their lease agreements, all within a few minutes. Furthermore, to guarantee clarity, wasl live-streamed the leasing process and performance on Instagram, becoming the first regional developer to do so.

Al Wasl had released 500 units as part of its Summer Deals campaign, and due to the growing demand, it stated the expansion of the deals by an extra week until Thursday, 27 August. wasl anticipates to lease an additional 200 units, and existing tenants can also benefit from these offers by moving to new units, upgrading, or downgrading based on their desired units and locations.

On the day of the campaign, wasl offered 5 – 10% on the rental fee, based on the location, type, and size of the unit, and the chance of making payments through 12 checks. Thanks to wasl’s diverse options, which covers over 50,000 residential and commercial unit scattered across the emirate, and its exceptional prices and services, the occupation rate at wasl has now reached 85%.