• Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream
Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream

Are you losing sleep because of your hair problems? Not anymore! With Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream, you can just rest your hair problems away. An intensive formula from your house of Vatika, the user friendly over night cream permeates deep to provide a detailed option for damaged, breakable and split hair. Its non-sticky, quick-absorbing, and leave-in formula does not leave any residue on hair or stains on pillows. So, you wake up with stunning, healthy and smooth hair every early morning.

Research study has likewise verified that the scalp soaks up active ingredients much better during the night than throughout the day while hair cells regenerate quicker in the evening too. A night hair cream keeps scalp nourished, restores hair's protective protein-- keratin, and repairs hair from damages triggered by environment and styling treatments. Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream offers 8 hours of continuous nourishment and helps to restore hair cuticles to their original bounce, shine, and strength while you are asleep.

Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream is enhanced with crucial nutrients and damage-mending actives utilized in ingredients such as egg proteins, castor oil, honey and sweet almond. Egg protein helps in intensive repair work; castor oil offers nourishment; honey nectar moisturizes and conditions hair; and sweet almond offers lost shine and strength. It is gradually massaged on to hair making use of fingertips from roots down to pointers, specifically on broken parts, before going to sleep. It should be left overnight to efficiently operate in restoring dry, damaged and fragile hair.

Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream is extensively offered in all leading supermarkets and shopping centers in the region in sizes of 140 ml, and 210 ml.




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