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US based company, Triton Solar ventures into the United Arab Emirates

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US based company, Triton Solar ventures into the United Arab Emirates

We found a great prospect for our products in the UAE: Himanshu B Patel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 27 February 2019: Living in the 21st century, global warming is a known threat, conspicuous through the pollution that the earth is afflicted with on a daily basis. But even after endless Conferences and Summits to save the environment from deteriorating any more, little has been done to walk the talk in reality.

Despite the blind eye that many turn at these environmental issues, here is a man with a different vision, Himanshu B Patel is not another white-collared businessmen running behind numbers. Himanshu’s business, Triton Solar, is working for a greater cause – towards developing clean energy that can make life on earth easier. Not failing to imbibe the best of technology to come up with such thought-provoking products, Himanshu inculcated the intelligent use of nanotechnology into developing his products. 

Triton Solar, based in the US, is a worldwide organization with its headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ. Triton is currently the only supplier in the world to offer flexible and printed solar panels, lighting, and batteries. This game-changing technology allows for all of their products to be printed onto a flexible medium, creating countless applications for the products.

Triton Solar

Triton Solar is one of the first companies to realize the significance of stored energy and the huge impact it can create in varied industries. This year, Triton has decided to venture into the UAE markets, especially Dubai, with its innovative products. “We found a lot of possibilities for our products in the UAE with its vast desert areas and high requirement for power. We wanted to introduce clean energy in these areas after we recognized that the oil sector in this part of the world is highly influencing,” said Himanshu B Patel, the CEO, Triton Solar, USA. 

“Also the UAE is currently keenly looking into alternate energy sources. We want to do our part and help make the world cleaner with cleaner energy that would cause much lesser pollution,” he added. 

Triton Solar has its wings spread wide across 5 countries including Canada, where the batteries are of great use in Oil Companies. The ability of Triton Batteries to survive extreme conditions of heat and cold have made its demand higher in different parts of the world. “We realized that most batteries came of no use in extreme temperatures. We set out to find a solution to this, using the technology that is put to work in aerospace.”

Triton Solar

Triton Solar is driven by a mission to provide clean energy solutions downright from the initial stage to the end. This is made possible using high-quality products which prove to be the smallest in size footprint, the lightest in weight and cost-effective with the longest life-cycle possible causing close to zero environmental impacts.

Earlier this year, Triton Solar participated in the World Government Summit, discussing and meeting up ministers and other decision makers culminating in a successful experience.

Triton Solar has always been in the limelight for its ground-breaking ideas and brilliant input of nanotechnology in developing impeccable products. Earlier in 2017, Triton Solar received the prestigious American Academy of Hospitality & Science Award. Working harder and further raising the bar of excellence next year, Triton went on to win the coveted prize of 6-star Diamond Award at the American Academy of Hospitality & Science Awards, which only 8 people have been honored with so far, one being, the Prez Donald Trump himself.

Having established itself in many countries, the award-winning group, Triton Solar is all set to enter the UAE markets with Assembly and Exclusive Distribution Rights.