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Ultra Low Loss Performance For Multimode MTP Connectivity Launched By Nexans

Nexans, one of the global leaders in cables and cabling systems, announced the launch of ultra low loss performance for multimode MTP connectivity. New high speed protocols for multimode resulted in a reduction of optical budgets. With regular off-the-shelve cabling products data centre managers and designers would face limitations when designing new amenities or upgrading present ones to the next speeds. With the enhancements in optical performance LANmark-OF OM4 ENSPACE overcomes these challenges.

Years of production experience with the MTP* connector resulted in a tighter control on the insertion loss limits of ENSPACE Pre-Terms and modules. These are now equipped with Ultra Low Loss performance. In summary:

ENSPACE OM4 MTP-LC module: total insertion loss reduces from 0,5 dB to 0,35 dB.

MTP trunks: insertion loss for MTP connections reduces from 0,3 dB to 0,25 dB.LC trunks: insertion loss for LC/LC connections reduces from 0,3 dB to 0,25dB.

Data centres managers are making ready for the introduction of 100G in their core network. IEEE has authorized a second generation of 100G, 100GBASE-SR4, in the IEEE802.3bm task force. The new standard allocates only 1,9 dB channel attenuation with a reach of 100m. With the newly added Ultra Low Loss performance Nexans can now guarantee up to 6 MTP Ultra Low Loss connections in a channel and hold a reach of 100m.

*MTP is a tradename of US Conec




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