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The UAE IAA and IIA Oman sign MoU to jointly promote Internal Auditing

The UAE IAA and IIA Oman sign MoU to jointly promote Internal Auditing

The UAE Internal Auditors Association (UAE-IAA) AND Institute of Internal Auditors – Oman (IIA-Oman) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three years validity.

As per the agreement, both the organizations will go for joint cooperation and jointly promote internal auditing and work for the professional auditing skills of their members. The MoU has been signed by the heads of both UAE-IAA and IIA-Oman.

IIA-Oman is sponsored by the College of Banking and Finance in the Sultanate of Oman. 

The UAE-IAA President Abdulqader Obaid Ali said: “Strategic alliances need to be expanded in the region in order to develop the IA profession on sound and orderly lines. We are a leading entity in promoting the IA profession specializing in areas of accreditation including education, research and technical guidance in the MENA region. The UAE IAA aims to take the lead in terms of creativity and excellence in the IA domain.”

On his part, Muneer Al-Mughairy, President IIA-Oman, remarked: “IIA Oman is committed to serving Internal audit professionals in Oman. Our vision is to collaborate with all stakeholders to enhance the quality of internal audit practices in Oman. Both organizations intend to cooperate in the field of training and qualification and establishing a strategic alliance for developing the profession through specialized expertise. Cooperation has been sought for promoting Quality Assurance and Standards along with conducting training courses to enable enhance the competency/skills of the auditors and keep them abreast with the latest methodologies and approaches.”  

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