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Two Years of Infertility Battle come to an end, Couple Is Now 12 Weeks Pregnant
A very personalized treatment plan is offered by the Fakih IVF Fertility Center for the couple who were selected to receive a free IVF cycle

Fakih IVF Center, one of the leading infertility centers in the GCC region, has once again helped a couple accomplish their dream of beginning their very own family.

Committed to help families battling infertility, the fertility center randomly selects one couple from among its consultative patients to get an IVF cycle, free of charge, each year, during National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW).

This year, the center chose Mr. and Mrs. Hawiduring the NIAW week held in April. Treated by DrZakwanKhrait, Specialist Reproductive Medicine and Infertility in Dubai, the couple is currently 12 weeks pregnant and extremely thrilled especially after several failed attempts in battling infertility for nearly two years.

Dr Michael Fakih, Medical Director at Fakih IVF, said “Infertility can be genuinely exhausting for families encountering it and we wish to connect with everyone to help them during this tough phase in their lives. During the National Infertility Awareness Week each year, the aim is to provide the suitable resources that could help individuals embark on their family building journeys successfully.”

Based on the assessment of the Hawi’s case, experts at Fakih IVF designed a treatment plan that would help them conceive at the earliest. “We chose to go ahead with an IVF cycle utilizing an antagonist stimulation protocol. The plan was to freeze all embryos since the patient was on the risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This is then trailed by an embryo transfer done in the following cycle after preparing the endometrium with the artificial protocol and later transferring two embryos on the Blastopcyst stage,” said DrKhrait.

Desperate to start a family of their own, the Hawi’s had been saving up to fund the treatment, but were extremely thrilled upon learning about their selection to receive a free IVF treatment from the center.
“I don’t think I can stop smiling, it still hasn’t hit me that this is happening and I will be a mother in a few months. Once I see my stomach growing and feel the movement, I think that’s when I will realise that this is truly occurring. I am really happy right now,” stated, MrsHawi. “We would like to thank Dr. Zakwan who made us feel at ease and gave us the assurance we needed during this difficult time,” included Mrs. Hawi.

Every year the center helps several couples battling infertility issues by providing them with all the required services until conception has been successfully achieved.




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