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Three60 Communities establishes Customer Excellence and Happiness Center in UAE

  • Dubai News

Three60 Communities establishes Customer Excellence and Happiness Center in UAE

New center forms part of company’s corporate Get Wonky program and is aimed at delivering the highest service standards to customers, Establishment also aligns with national program for happiness and well-being in the UAE

Three60 Communities, a subsidiary of Eltizam Asset Management Group and leading service provider in quality and progressive community management throughout the UAE and Sultanate of Oman, has unveiled its new Customer Excellence and Happiness Center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The move aligns with the company’s Get Wonky program that focuses on consumer happiness, with the Center’s essential goal being to resolve consumer problems in a happy surroundings to make sure timely and favorable resolutions that suit all concerned parties.

Services furnished by the Customer Excellence and Happiness Center are handy throughout the UAE in order to preserve seamless operations throughout the country. The facilities also offer an ideal platform for customers to provide feedback and tips for similarly improvements, bettering experiences in communities beneath the umbrella of Three60, and developing policies, programs and services that make contributions towards a more superb and blissful community.

Alan Rowlands, General Manager, Three60 Group, UAE and Oman, said: “As one of the region’s largest and most qualified community management companies, constantly attaining customer happiness is our top priority. This new Center has been set up in accordance with the national software for happiness and well-bring in the UAE and will make contributions towards happy communities during our complete scope of operations.”

He continued: “At Three60 Communities, we take full responsibility for each and every element of a actual estate development. Our ambition is to provide every resident and customer with world-class offerings and eventually provide a community the place they can live, work and play in the happiest environment possible. The launch of the new Center is the latest stage in our efforts to enhance our services even further and we look ahead to months and years ahead as we proceed to meet and surpass the expectations of our valued customers. We are thrilled to see the outcomes of our 2019 efforts have led to higher customer delight levels, specifically in our UAE communities.”

Mohammed Alsharaf, Chief Operations Officer, Eltizam Asset Management Group, added: “By running based on the core objective of reaching customer happiness, Three60 Communities has consistently set a benchmark for all companies under Eltizam Asset Management Group and we are excited to see how the new Centre will gain our customers and enhance our services over the length of 2020 and beyond. Happiness is also an vital pillar of Eltizam’s ‘Get Wonky’ program as it strives to make an influence on the communities in which we operate, and we will continue to furnish the very pleasant levels of services in line with global standards and retain the best stages of purchaser satisfaction.”

The Customer Excellence and Happiness Center will be overseen by the company’s Community Management Team, while a dedicated Special Happiness Committee has also been formed with the primary goal being to make certain customer happiness across all communities in which the Group operates.