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Third Annual Emirates Oncology Conference Opens in Abu Dhabi Today

Third Annual Emirates Oncology Conference Opens in Abu Dhabi Today

Tawam Hospital, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine and part of the SEHA healthcare system, todaywelcomed delegates to the opening day of the third edition of the Emirates Oncology Conference and 14th Pan-Arab Cancer Congress. The event runs from today until November 15, 2014 at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. Tawam Hospital is the UAE’s referral centre for cancer care, and the Tawam Oncology Department is at the forefront of cancer treatment in the Gulf. The conference was officially opened by Dr Matar Al Darmaki, Acting CEO, SEHA.

Close to 1000 attendees are participating in the conference which features more than 80 international and local speakers sharing their expertise in the field of Oncology. The conference includes speakers from Johns Hopkins Medicine, the UAE and entire Gulf region, as well as from the broader international medical community. Over the course of the event, speakers will address new developments, issues, and challenges in cancer treatment, research, education and palliative care.

This year’s conference programme includes sessions on clinical trials and cancer registry along with content-specific oncology sessions covering breast cancer; palliative care; gastrointestinal, gynecological, pulmonary and urological cancers; hematology; and pediatric cancer treatments. Participants of the clinical trial trainings are also eligible for certifications.New for this year’s conference are sessions on geriatrics, sarcoma, neuro-oncology and supportive care and cancer screening. Tawam Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen Spann all give the lecture on cancer screening.

“Tawam Hospital is proud to bring one of the biggest conferences in Oncology in the region which is now on its third run. The past two conferences proved to be well-attended and successful and this year’s event has been created huge interest from participants in the UAE and around the region. The insights from both participants and lecturers will prove invaluable to the oncology community as we openly discuss both developments and challenges over the next three days,” said Dr Mohammed Jaloudi, Chair, Emirates Oncology Conference.

Dr Sami Al Khatib, Co-Chairperson of the conference said: “This conference is designed to raise standards of oncology treatment and care in the UAE and across the Middle East.We are here for the next three days to learn and then to use the information gathered when we return to our posts , so that we can apply the lessons learned in the daily care of our cancer patients.This conference is about making a commitment to improve our standards of care, and ultimately save lives.”

This year’s conference in collaboration with Arab Medical Association Against Cancer (AMMAAC) which s a medical body estabalished in 2001 as par tof the Arab Medical Association. Their main office is in Cairo, Egypt and AMMAAC is a continuation of the Arab Council Against Cancer that was founded in 1995. The Arab Medical Association Against Cancer aims at strengthening relationships between members in different Arab Countries to raise the level of cooperation in the field of oncology on both scientific and practical aspects. Exchanging information and researches between members through Regional and Arab Conferences and Publications. Solving medical problems in the field of oncology through holding Public Awareness Campaigns. Participating in scientific activities in International Conferences. Developing studies related to the improvement of teaching oncology in the Arab Medical Faculties and Scientific Conferences. Finally, encouraging researchers and doctors to find training and working opportunities in the field of oncology inside and outside the Arab world. AMMAAC became full UICC member in July 2009
Tawam Hospital is part of the SEHA Health System owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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