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Telephonic Consultations to Patients Offered by Leading Fertility Centre

Telephonic Consultations to Patients Offered by Leading Fertility Centre

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In aware of the present Corona crisis, Fertility centers and experts in the UAE have began providing patients telephonic consultations to assist in fighting against the spread of COVID-19 by following social distancing.

“Regarding the present situation, we deem it essential to maintain patients safe and secure by controlling the number of visits to the clinic. These are excellent times and call for extraordinary measures. As a responsible IVF facility, we understand how essential it is to act instantly, and therefore have taken a step to provide telephonic consultations to our patients to encompass the spread of the virus,” stated Prof. Dr Human Fatemi, Medical Director of IVI Middle East Fertility Clinics."

The decision by the clinic is constant with other steps being taken within the health care system to make sure ability for all to focus on the COVID-19 response. While most patients are motivated to have telephonic conversations with their expert patients who want to consult their doctor in person will still be able to do so.

"We want patients to be convinced that utmost care is being taken towards their safety. There are several stages of a patient connect with IVI. Before each of our facilities used to see 10-12 patients per day who were evaluating IVF for conception. This we term as new patient consultations. The use of technology has been made to make sure that while these consultations carry on; couples can generally get the same through a phone call with the IVF expert at IVI. This has actually reduced the footfalls and hence enabled us to safely implement social distancing,” added Dr Laura Melado, IVF Specialist, IVI Fertility Abu Dhabi.

Even the present patients are being enabled to enter the premises if the need arises only. Most follow ups are taking place over phone calls with the treating doctors.

A well-defined process around three stages has been developed to smoothly carry out the tele-consults and we are executing consultations in double digit numbers daily throughout clinics. “Patients have welcomed the concept and are very open to availing this service”, stated a counsellor at IVI Fertility.

Virtual consultations have always been a critical part of medical science, and considering the situation nowadays, it is essential to offer continuity of care through such advanced technologies.

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