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The Supreme Legislation Committee launches ‘Ramadan Legal Forum’ for SLC legal officers and advisors

The Supreme Legislation Committee launches ‘Ramadan Legal Forum’ for SLC legal officers and advisors

Ramadan Legal Forum features a series of interactive discussion sessions held throughout the holy month of Ramadan with legal officers and advisors of the SLC participating in the forum has launched by The Supreme Legislation Committee. 

The forum discussions will essentially focus on key legal principles that are relevant to the legislation in force in Dubai and the UAE, expertise acquired through practical experience, review of essential lessons learned and the latest legal concepts.

This form henceforth provides an interactive platform in order to enhance the knowledge of SLC legal staff by sharing and exchanging the knowledge and experiences on legislative matters.  The participants will also research on the legislative best practices ensuring the proper implementation of legislation following the objectives of the Dubai plan 2021 that is ‘Leading, Transparent, and Reliable Government’ aiming to protect the rights of institutions and individuals in the economy.

Mohammed Juma Al Suwaidi, SLC Assistant Secretary-General, said: “The significance of the ‘Ramadan Legal Forum’ initiative is that it is designed to encourage sharing of successful experiences and best practices; this is hoped to enhance the legal knowledge and expertise of the SLC legal staff, and create an environment conducive to excellence and creativity. Holding the Ramadan Legal Forum demonstrates the SLC’s commitment to enriching legal knowledge, ensuring proper legal understanding of the applicable legislation, and encouraging sharing of knowledge and experience among employees. This is aligned with the government efforts to promote transparency, and strengthen the legislative and legal systems, being essential to supporting the Dubai’s ambitious sustainable development drive, and enhancing the quality of life in the emirate as envisioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.”

Senior Legal Advisor, Mohammed Al Etawi, Head of the SLC Technical Office, said “Discussions will focus on some of the legislation and relevant practices, primarily the UAE federal legislation on taxation; temporal conflict of laws; methods of drafting legislative impact assessment report; scope of governments’ responsibility for the legislation they issue; ways of combating domestic violence; legal restrictions on personal data processing; legal effect of electronic signature; theory of direct and consequential harm in establishing the civil liability; and the codeshare agreement governing air transport operations.”  

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