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With The Support Of BASF And Rain Bird EmiratesGBC Strengthens Provision Of Green Building Tooltips

With The Support Of BASF And Rain Bird EmiratesGBC Strengthens Provision Of Green Building Tooltips

  • EmiratesGBC

Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC), an unbiased discussion board aimed at conserving the surroundings by strengthening and promoting green building practices, is strengthening the provision of its proprietary Green Building Tooltips via the added aid of Rain Bird, a main international producer and issuer of irrigation products and services, headquartered in Azusa, California.

This builds on the founding and persisted sponsorship prolonged by BASF, the world’s greatest chemical company and the main dealer of polyurethane systems and specialties that create application-oriented industry solutions to promote sustainable building practices using the EmiratesGBC Tooltips.

A wealthy online resource on green building practices, EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips give relevant data on green constructions for house owners and developers, as well as for industrial building owners and tenants, architects, interior designers, planners and for academic institutions and healthcare providers. It additionally serves as a treasured device for students -- particularly as they undertake remote learning -- to reap insights on the excellent practices that inform green constructions and how the industry is assisting the move in the direction of sustainable constructed environments. Teachers and students can form conversations around the topics and individual tooltips, which will enrich them with realistic and academic insights into the constructing sector. Easy to navigate and access, the Tooltips feature three constructing typologies: Home, Office, and Schools and feature a section for Lifestyle & Awareness.

With the aid of Taqati, BASF and Rain Bird, EmiratesGBC pursuits to further teach the industry and the community on the excellent practices they can comply with in attaining better levels of energy and water use effectivity as well as promote sustainable initiatives. Drawing on their professional guidance, EmiratesGBC has made adjustments to the Green Building Tooltips, in particular in the areas of efficient landscaping via drought resistance and water management high-quality practices as well as the application of sandwich elements, insulating boards and spray foam, to enhance energy-efficiency.

HE Dr. Ali Al Jassem, Chairman of EmiratesGBC, said: “Since its launch, the EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips have emerged as one of the well-known referral sources for not just industry partners however additionally the neighborhood to discover and enforce quality practices for a extra sustainable surroundings and buildings. The Tooltips highlight our dedication to foster awareness and knowledge about green buildings, and how via various measures, sustainable initiatives can be effectively included in new constructions as well as in retrofits. With the support of BASF and the new sponsorship of Rain Bird, the EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips will offer a wealth of knowledge shared by these experts.”

Eng. Anas Al Kilani, International Business Manager, Rain Bird International, said: “We, at Rain Bird, are proud of taking part with EmiratesGBC to update the content of EmiratesGBC Tooltips website. Through the intelligent use of water, Rain Bird is offering recommendations, advice and quality practices to train the community to obtain higher levels of water use efficiency. Improving the efficiency of the outdoor landscape irrigation can have a great effect on water conservation and promote sustainable initiatives. The newly updated content covers outdoor landscape irrigation for numerous applications such as at residential homes, education services and schools as well as commercial and workplace buildings.”

Dr. Udo Huenger, Vice President Middle East, BASF, said: "Our homes, schools and commercial constructions are the centre of daily lifestyles and it is vital to think how we can organize and function them for a sustainable future. The EmiratesGBC Tooltips have been doing a remarkable job in highlighting how water management practices and high-performance thermal insulations products can enhance energy efficiency and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Through our persisted aid of the Tooltips, we are bringing the green vision of the UAE a step nearer to the constructed environment and the general public.”

The Tooltips are available for people and businesses to make knowledgeable choices to make their homes, workplaces or schools more efficient and sustainable. EmiratesGBC additionally promotes the tooltips via a number of media and stakeholder engagement programmes. With over 170 members, EmiratesGBC rolls out a suite of activities such as networking events, technical workshops and trainings in order to push sustainability in the UAE and the wider Middle East.

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