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Sponsoring your family is now easier in the UAE

Sponsoring your family is now easier in the UAE

Dubai, 01 April 2019: The Cabinet on Sunday adopted a decision to amend provisions for the resolution of foreign workers sponsoring their families, following which, a person’s income sufficient to support their families will now be the only requirement for expats in the country to sponsor their family members unlike the previously listed ‘professions’.

The Cabinet went on to point out that this would reaffirm the country’s position “as a hub for talents and a land of opportunities”.

As per the prevailing orders, male residents employed in the UAE can sponsor their immediate family members that would include wife and children, if he earns a monthly salary of Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 plus accommodation provided by his company, while he also required to fall under certain selected employment categories.

In the case of females, she could sponsor her family only if she was a teacher, engineer or health professional and earned Dh4,000 per month.

The amendment is aligned with “international developments and in accordance with best practices”, the UAE cabinet said in a statement.

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