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Sophos Launches Managed Threat Response Service

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Sophos Launches Managed Threat Response Service

New Threat Hunting, Detection and Response Offering Powered by Machine Learning and Expert Analysis to Neutralize the Most Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

Sophos (LSE:SOPH), a global leader in network and endpoint security, has announced the availability of Sophos Managed Threat Response(MTR), a completely managed threat hunting, detection and response service. The re-sellable service offers companies with a devoted 24/7 security team to neutralize the most delicated and complicated threats.

These kinds of threats consist of active attackers leveraging fileless attacks and administrator equipment such as PowerShell to improve privileges, exfiltrate information and spread laterally, as defined in the SophosLabs Uncut article on Lemon_Duck PowerShell malware. Attacks like these are tough to discover because they contain an active adversary by using authentic tools for nefarious purposes, and Sophos MTR helps get rid of this threat.

“Cybercriminals are adapting their techniques and progressively launching hybrid attacks that combine automation with interactive human ingenuity to more effectively evade detection. Once they gain a foothold, they’ll employ ‘living off the land' techniques and different misleading methods requiring human interaction to find out and disrupt their attacks,” stated Joe Levy, chief technology officer at Sophos. “For the most part, other MDR services certainly notify clients of potential threats and then leave it up to them to manipulate things from there. Sophos MTR not only augments internal teams with extra threat intelligence, unparalleled product expertise, and around-the-clock coverage, however also offers clients the choice of having a especially trained team of response professionals take focused actions on their behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats.”

Built on Intercept X Advanced with endpoint detection and response (EDR), Sophos MTR fuses machine learning with professional evaluation for improved threat hunting and detection, deeper investigation of alerts, and focused moves to get rid of threats. These progressive skills are based on Sophos’ acquisitions of Rook Security and DarkBytes technology, and include:
• Expert-led threat hunting: Sophos MTR anticipates attacker behavior and identifies new indicators of attack and compromise. Sophos threat hunters proactively hunt for and validate possible threats and incidents, and check out informal and adjacent events to find out new threats that earlier couldn’t be detected
• Advanced adversarial detection: Sophos MTR makes use of verified investigation methods to differentiate reliable behavior from the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers. Coupled with better telemetry from Sophos Central, which presents a detailed, full image of adversary activities as part of the service, the scope and severity of threats can be determined for fast response
• Machine-accelerated human response: A incredibly skilled team of world-class professionals generates and applies threat intelligence to affirm threats, and takes action to remotely disrupt, contain and neutralize threats with speed and precision
• Asset discovery and prescriptive security health guidance: Sophos MTR offers precious insights into managed and unmanaged assets, vulnerabilities for better informed have an effect on assessments and threat hunts. Prescriptive and actionable guidance for addressing configuration and structure weaknesses allows organizations to proactively enhance their security posture with hardened defenses
Sophos MTR is customizable with unique service tiers and response modes to meet the special and evolving needs of organizations of all sizes and maturity levels. Unlike many MDR services that concentrate on monitoring and threat notification, Sophos MTR hastily escalates and takes action against threats based on an organization’s preferences.

Sophos MTR is now accessible from registeredbSophos Partners worldwide. Read more on Sophos News, and visit Sophos.com for more information.

What our partners and industry analysts say:

“Enterprises are dealing with sophisticated attacks from each and every direction, and it’s definitely essential that they can not only discover threats, but also respond to them quickly,” stated Aaron Sherrill, information security senior analyst at 451 Research. “Many companies claim to provide response capabilities, but in reality, few take the moves wanted to get rid of threats as part of their core managed detection and response (MDR) offerings. Sophos MTR combines Sophos’ constantly top-rated endpoint protection with human knowledge and troves of threat intelligence gathered from SophosLabs to create an completely new offering that meets a mounting market need.”

“The only way to guard against today’s advanced threats is to combine the fine tools with the brightest human minds,” stated Jeremy Weiss, cybersecurity practice lead at CDW. “Sophos Managed Threat Response is a game changer, combining machine getting to know with human evaluation for an developed approach to proactive security protection. The customizable offering strengthens our present threat hunting skills and helps us better guard our customers.”

“Cybercrime doesn’t sleep – it’s always ‘on’ – and organizations need around-the-clock protection,” stated Ken Hamilton, president and CEO at Total Tech International Inc. “With Sophos Managed Threat Response, Total Tech clients can rest guaranteed that they’re protected even in the course of the second and third shifts that are notoriously hard to staff. Security health tips deliver extra incredible value, empowering us to take instant action on enhancing security defenses.”