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Smart Dubai’s Digital Services and Programs Facilitate Government Operations during COVID-19 Pandemic

Smart Dubai’s Digital Services and Programs Facilitate Government Operations during COVID-19 Pandemic

Smart Dubai’s network of advanced digital services and programs  played a important role in facilitating government operations, allowing entities to provide uninterrupted e-services during the COVID-19 pandemic in the emirate. 

The various e-services on offer assisted employees perform their day-to-day tasks with no interruptions when remote work was made mandatory.

Statistics by Smart Dubai’s Messaging and Collaborations Department showed that Smart Dubai enabled 62 government entities to use online communications services, improved with advanced technologies, to reinforce communication among employees during the pandemic and to confirm business continuity.

Smart Dubai’s Government Information Network’s (GIN) capacity was expanded by 300% during the pandemic and ensuing lockdown, multiplying its speed by a factor of three to keep up with growing demand for digital services from various Dubai Government entities. The Network empowered 322,000 meetings, 223,000 group calls, 962,000 individual calls, and 5 million text messages between March and October 2020.

“Smart Dubai has been designing effective strategies and services for years to build an incorporated and sustainable digital government ecosystem,” His Excellency Wesam Lootah, CEO of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment, asserted. “These services played a important role in ensuring business continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak. Dubai Government employees were able to maintain their exceptional performance, seamlessly offering government services through digital platforms and programs during the distant work period.”

“The close collaboration between Smart Dubai and other government entities had a tremendous impact on our and their ability to react swiftly to all international developments, guaranteeing effective operations under any circumstances.” H.E. Lootah added. “Our efforts were reinforced, in great part, by the forward-thinking vision of our wise leadership, who has lent its unwavering support to the full and comprehensive digital transition of government procedures, urging close cooperation between Smart Dubai and its government and private-sector partners to achieve and sustain that objective.”

Smart Dubai’s Government Information Network (GIN) forms the cornerstone of the Dubai Government’s digital infrastructure. The integrated network connects various entities, permitting them to securely transfer and exchange data, execute government transactions, and safeguard them from errors or outside interference. This helped ensure seamless government operations during the pandemic, all while maintaining high performance levels.