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Seif El Hakim - The athlete turned Business man

Seif El Hakim - The athlete turned Business man

Seif El Hakim the internationally acclaimed businessman and Mr.Olympia Men physique..enters dubai market with sports competition Seif El Hakim, Egyptian Russian, he is a global authority on business, leadership, and exponential success.

Seif El

A natural competitor, Seif has always had an appetite for ambition, and this is how he’s defined success all his life-getting to the win.  At a young age, he discovered a passion for sports, and what began as a love for physical challenge soon became an unquenchable fire for success. Dominating fields and courts, Seif transformed himself from sportsman to elite athlete, ultimately reaching the pinnacle of his athletic dreams by competing in an international Mr. Olympia Physique competition and placing in the Top 10.

Seif El Hakim

As an Internationally acclaimed businessman and entrepreneur, and his expertise in sports and body building. Seif is planning to enter Dubai market with a sports competition / event that will be carried 2 times per year. And he says that the format is totally new and will change the paradigm.