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Second Session Of 'DGW Youth Council' Launched By Dubai Government Workshop

Second Session Of 'DGW Youth Council' Launched By Dubai Government Workshop

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Dubai Government Workshop has announced the coming launch of the second session of its 'DGW Youth Council,' an initiative focused at improving the role of Emirati youth in constructing and creating the future. The 'DGW Youth Council' is also meant to provide the younger generation key encouragement in continuing the course towards excellence, creativity and innovation, based on the commitment of the DGW in the directives of the national government and in line with the vision of the wise leadership to empower youth and offer them with the essential support required to turn out to be the pioneers of the future and a cornerstone in building the future of the UAE.

In accordance to DGW senior officials, the second session of the 'DGW Youth Council' looks to offer Emirati youth with a nurturing environment wanted for their innovative ideas--activating their constructive and basic role in promoting growth within the numerous essential and strategic sectors in Dubai, in line with the stipulations mentioned in the 'Corporate Youth Council and Youth Agenda guidebook issued by the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs & the Future. The handbook is centered at serving as a strategic platform to listen to the ideas of the youth and activate their role and contribution in bettering the national youth agenda and the UAE Vision 2021.

H.E. Fahad Ahmed Al-Raeesi, CEO, DGW emphasized on the significance of the council, which plays an important role in empowering young people and developing their skills and development to achieve the desired progress and take benefit of its offered benefits. He further expressed the vital role played by the pioneering council in offering a unified and perfect platform that helps young people to engage in decision-making, by innovating and enforcing a series of innovative and constructive initiatives and programs, which will assist achieve the goals set forth by the council.

He added: “Based on its clear strategy in this field, the DGW is working on a sustainable commitment to the national vision and guidance of the national leadership, as it looks to improve the position of young people and enhance their potential in a way that achieves the UAE vision and contributes to developing its economic and social position at the regional and global levels. The launch of the second session of the workshop is a response to the call for national initiatives and a positive step that contributes to achieving the goals of the ‘Emirates Youth Council,’ which needs that youth councils within several government institutions implement an effective shift between the new generation and decision makers for the state."

The ‘DGW Youth Council,’ by the successful Emirati youth, will make contributions to pushing the Youth Agenda and the realization of UAE Vision 2021 throughout various sectors by developing initiatives and projects associated to youth’s interests, improving their talents, developing them, and consolidating values that are appropriate to the nature of work in the workshop. The council shall also serve as a perfect platform that brings together talents and youth initiatives that forms a link between them and young leaders in the several institutions of the government and private sectors in the state—opening up new horizons for them to contribute effectively in the development of the government work system in Dubai and the whole state, thus consolidating the state’s leadership among the most advanced and successful countries.

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