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  • Safi Rania’s Halal Cosmetic Range Stimulates Widespread Interest as Global Islamic Economy Grows.
Safi Rania’s Halal Cosmetic Range Stimulates Widespread Interest as Global Islamic Economy Grows.

The name Safi Rania Gold seems getting in popularity as a growing number of females select cosmetic products that are Halal, without uncertainty of any restricted (haram) ingredients

Today, a lot of the cosmetic and skin care products available might have components that are not Halal, or are made in tools or procedures that are infected, as they are additionally made use of for non-Halal products. The active ingredients might range from alcohol, certain animal beginning components like gelatin etc. where the source and procedure-- can both be non-Halal in nature. The concern is the best ways to ensure one's skin care components and handling, and how to use it - with confidence without any uncertainties?

As a remedy to this problem there are products like Safi Rania Gold skin care array which utilizes pure ingredients that cleanses and permeates the skin for ideal outcomes and are licensed Halal. Safi Rania Gold is made and sourced from Malaysia - one of the leading global hubs for Halal individual care products

The need for Halal, yet reliable cosmetic brand names offers a substantial marketing possibility with brand names like Safi Rania Gold taking the lead. Safi's products not just nurture and improve the skin properly however preserve Islamic worths at the same time. This dual benefit is bring in vast customer rate of interest especially amongst the much more aware modern females who are going locations however are specific to uphold their values & beliefs
The Global Islamic market indicators are looking healthy as well. Inning accordance with Nasdaq OMX Sharia Indexes the global Muslim population is growing at the price of 3% each year. If this development continues, Muslims are expected to earn up 26% of the world population by 2030. This makes up a large and profitable market. Interestingly, a report on the ‘State of Global Islamic Economy – Dinar Standard 2014’revealed investing on cosmetics products by Muslim customers approximately $54 billion.Of this, Halal cosmetics is valued at around US$ 21 million.

'With the expanding pattern in consumer awareness and the total abundance in the region, our company believe there is a higher need for more secure choices in a unique society such as the Middle East where deep rooted worths and the mission for skin care technologies co-exist. Combined with the growing Muslim population throughout the world our sight is that Halal Cosmetics will certainly come to be significantly conventional products compared to they are today' states Mr. Arun Giridhar, General Manager Wipro Unza Middle East Ltd.

Halal & Shariat compliant products, adhere to in the steps of halal foods made popular by Muslims worldwide. Muslims are currently seeking Islamic choices in a variety of customer groups including style, banking, traveling, recreation and pharmaceuticals. The following wave would certainly remain in cosmetic and skincare. In this context brand names like Safi simply can’t be ignored.

Safi Rania Gold prides itself in being the region's initial halal-certified costs skincare brand name. Its cosmetic and skin care range spreads out across an alternative therapy procedure which includes: Cleansing, Toning, Treatment, Moisturising and Finishing. The result is a soft, beautiful skin that looks years more youthful

' We have invested millions of bucks and created one of the world's largest Halal Certified facilities - the SAFI Excellence in Research & Innovation (SERI) Institute (SERI) in Malaysia that is continuously looking to provide advanced skin care remedies that are sustainable and appropriate to Asian skin types and Muslim Lifestyles,' added Mr. Giridhar,

As this global business opportunity unravels Safi Rania Gold can eagerly anticipate buoyant times in advance. The fads to Halal cosmetic choices declare signs for Safi's ambitious business goals.




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