• Repton Pupils Reach Summit of Gran Paradiso, Italy
Repton Pupils Reach Summit of Gran Paradiso, Italy

Students from Repton School, Dubai have reached the summit of the Gran Paradiso Mountain in Italy. The three solid group including Sheikh Feisel Al Qassimi, Sultan Al Khandri and Pranjal Bachani, in addition to Mr Graham Malkin, director of Outdoor Education at Evolvence Knowledge Investments (EKI), started the six day adventure in the Graian Alps last week. After four days of training which included rope work, glacier traveling and climbing up with an ice axe and crampons, the group reached their best destination, which is 4,061 metres over sea level.

Among the many people to tweet their congratulations was broadcaster, author and seasoned adventurer, Ben Fogle who sent a congratulatory message stating, “Congratulations Repton group Dubai for handling the beautiful but formidable Grandmother Paradiso. I admire your tenacity and decision, especially coming from the hot sands of Dubai to the Italian Alps. Significant congratulations to all of you".

David Cook, Headmaster of Repton School, Dubai comments: "This has been a remarkable experience for the group that have revealed fantastic resolution, spirit and team-work. To have actually reached the summit on time is a really wonderful success, and a terrific feeling for every person. We are very honored to be setting up both the Repton School and the UAE national flags on this meaningful occasion".

The Italian expedition was among the outdoor education programmes offered by Repton School Dubai, and was developed to test students to build on their strengths, recognise their constraints and create their character to full potential.

A range of activities including hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, survival skills, snowboarding, and explorations are given to students at the school.




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