• Product Placement: Vatika Shampoo New Ingredient Range
Product Placement: Vatika Shampoo New Ingredient Range

Nature offers a large range of unexpected active ingredients that supplies people with unique advantages that will assist resolve their beauty and haircare needs. Vatika, among the leading hair treatment brands in the region, has always been devoted to checking out innovative all-natural active ingredients for its variety of products, and as such has presented its new Vatika Shampoos and Conditioners with thoroughly hand-picked new active ingredients: Egg, Henna, Olive and Black Olive.

These natural-based solutions provide unique and unmatched hair treatment advantages. The Egg Shampoo and Conditioner assists revitalize slim, limp and dull hair and leads to rich tresses through the protein-rich formulation covering the hairs. Henna Shampoo and Conditioner is particularly developed for completely dry and rough hair supplying hair strands with life and make hair soft and silky; Black Olive Shampoo and Conditioner is made to strengthen weak hairs and offer dull hair with stamina and finally, Olive Shampoo and Conditioner uses the wonderful properties of olives to repair weak hair by locking in the hair's all-natural oils and more moisturizing it.

Vatika Shampoos and Conditioners are readily available in most leading pharmacies and retail stores nationwide




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