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Privileged Session Management Solution Launched By ManageEngine
Access Manager Plus Provides Secure Connections to Remote Systems, Monitors Privileged Sessions, Tightens Overall Access Governance

Direct, passwordless remote connections save time and increase security, Features like jump box support for Windows and Linux streamline data center remote access, Session shadowing helps IT admins terminate anomalous sessions in real time, Download a 30-day free trial at https://mnge.it/fLG


ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corporation, has announced the launch of Access Manager Plus, a privileged session management solution for enterprises. With features like jump box support, session recording and live monitoring, the solution enables security admins to facilitate and govern remote sessions that grant users with privileged access to critical business systems.

Remote connectivity has turn out to be mainstream as employees increasingly access corporate systems at their convenience, irrespective of their place or the time of day. In fact, 56 percentage of organizations globally either enable a hybrid form of remote work or provide a entirely remote workplace. Despite being inflexible and providing massive privacy and safety risks, traditional equipment like VPNs are still used by most organizations. A solution that streamlines corporate remote access, while also providing strict governance over privileged sessions for ultimate security, can remedy the risks associated with remote connectivity.

"Allowing remote access to critical infrastructure elements can be a double-edged sword for IT leaders, as they have to judiciously deal with the productivity it brings against the security risks it opens up. The developing complexity, modernity and heterogeneity of the infrastructure only makes it worse," stated Rajesh Ganesan, vice president at ManageEngine. "With Access Manager Plus, enterprises can now construct solid layers of safety and compliance, and permit seamless remote access to a broad range of target systems, boosting overall productivity."

Access Manager Plus is part of ManageEngine’s privileged access management suite, which comprises three other solutions: PAM360, Password Manager Pro and Key Manager Plus.


Secure Remote Access for Privileged Sessions

Access Manager Plus effortlessly integrates into an organization's IT network, and enables security groups to constantly have the upper hand while configuring remote access and managing privileged sessions. The enterprise-ready aspects of Access Manager Plus include:

  • Data center remote access: Leverage simplified, direct connections to remote data centers, and automatically authenticate through jump box support for Windows and Linux platforms.
  • One-click remote sessions: Enable users to launch direct RDP, SSH, SQL and VNC connections to remote hosts. Tunnel the connections by encrypted gateways for better security.
  • RemoteApp support: Allow users and third parties to seamlessly access particular Windows-based remote applications from local desktops.
  • Bidirectional remote file transfer: Transfer files between a remote system and the local host or between two remote systems, as well as upload or download files on the remote device, using secure protocols like SCP and SFTP.
  • Privileged session monitoring: Record all sessions and archive them as video files for post-session review. Control remote connections via session shadowing and termination capabilities.
  • Access control workflow: Establish a request-release mechanism to scrutinize access requests before approval. Grant users and contractors access to remote systems only upon ticket status verification.


Pricing and Availability

Access Manager Plus is available right away in Standard and Free editions. Pricing is based on the number of users. The Standard Edition begins at $495 a year for 5 users and unlimited connections, and the Free Edition supports up to two users and 1000 connections. A completely functional, 30-day trial version is also available at https://mnge.it/fLG.




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