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Preparation is key to Stylish Travel, According to Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew

Preparation is key to Stylish Travel, According to Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew

  • Preparation is key to Stylish Travel, According to Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew

Looking excellent after a long-haul flight, whether it be Dubai to Hong Kong, or Bahrain through to Tokyo, could commonly be something of a difficulty. Nonetheless, for the flight attendant at Cathay Pacific, the art of looking polished after working the aisles in the sky comes naturally.

Having actually benefited the Hong-Kong based airline company for more than eight years, Cathay Pacific Flight Purser Margaret Lai states the art of fashionable travel is all about being prepared: "It seems second nature to me, but by adhering to a couple of simple steps previously, during and after a trip will leave you looking and feeling freshened."

Pre-Flight Beauty Routine

Hydrate: Consume plenty of water, I aim for 8 mugs a day, yet I never ever handled to drink as much so I simply attempt as long as feasible. Normally I'll just manage 1L on a 15-hour- flight (in the past, during and after the flight).

Rest: If you are able to get lots of sleep prior to your trip and just awaken a few hours prior to having to leave for the airport.

Moisturize: I would certainly constantly make use of a moisturizing mask (cream/sheet) prior to I put my comprise on. To conserve time, I would always use the mask while I do my hair. My face is after that prepped for my makeup.

In-Flight Care.

UVA Protection: Make-up smart, don't forget to use products with SPF to secure your skin from the sunlight, specifically if you have a window seat.

Moisturize: Try to use products that will keep your skin hydrated; body oil is a good alternative, though lotion will do. A face spray will freshen your skin with or without make-up on. Keep in mind to consume plenty of water throughout the trip and avoid alcohol and food with high levels of sodium.

Sprayed, not powdered: Set your make-up with a spray setting instead of over powdering your skin as it will make your skin look cakey as a result of the dryness inflight.

Lip Balm: Particularly for long-haul flights, I would remove my lip colour during rest periods and spoil my lips.

Wear a mask: If you want to use a mask when you take a trip on an airplane, I would certainly advise making use of gel/cream mask that doesn't have a significant colour. I stay clear of making use of a sheet mask inflight, even if I don't intend to terrify people off. Nonetheless, it would certainly function equally as great if you do not mind that. Do bear in mind to get rid of the sheet mask after 10-15 minutes as it will certainly start drawing moisture from your skin rather than restoring.

Rest: It's truly important to obtain as much sleep as you could on your trip. Skipping out on rest could affect your skin's appearance and your capability to fight germs (and you may get sick easily).

Post-Flight Touch Up.

Bright Eyes: I make use of eye drops to refresh my eyes, often I might refresh my make-up with face spray and touch ups.

Dry Hair shampoo: When I travel leisurely, the origins of my hair tend to get oily as a result of the dry skin in the air. I bring a little bottle of completely dry shampoo and just a spritz would refurbish the look.

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