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  • Plasma Rich Platelets for Skin Rejuvenation
Plasma Rich Platelets for Skin Rejuvenation

Kaya Skin Clinic – the largest international skincare clinic chain in the Middle East – announces the launch of a new service “Plasma Rich Platelets”, which reinforces Kaya’s positioning as the market leader in service offerings and expertise.

Plasma Rich Platelets, also called “PRP” is a concentrated source of autologous platelets, which contains numerous growth factors that are harvested from a person’s own blood and then reintroduced into the skin. Highly effective for skin ageing, dark circle reduction and hair fall, the new service is expected to go a long way in increasing skin thickness and overall skin health.

The new method helps improve the skin texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. As part of the service, the richest ingredient of plasma which contains a high percentage of blood platelets is taken because it is rich with skin cell activators. This is injected in the skin to encourage cells in building more collagen.

The PRP service is also effective in adding volume to cheeks, forehead or lips through centrifugation and plasma injection to the face. What is very encouraging is that the PRP stimulation gradually improves the tone of the skin, and this improvement will continue over a year to achieve amazing results.

Dr. Mohammad Dallah, Specialist Dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic, said: “The PRP solution offers a significant breakthrough way to improve with wrinkles and improve skin texture. The whole process is aimed at producing more collagen, which is paramount to have effective skin rejuvenation. There is little or no pain, as the service is carried out with topical anesthesia, no material-related side effects and absolutely safe.”

Swelling may occur in some cases. Upon injection with plasma, the needle injection would cause edema that makes the face look tight and a little bright from the first day, but this is not caused by the plasma and shall disappear in a week.

It is important to understand that the PRP stimulation does not give immediate and visible results. The actual effect of plasma in activating skin cells and collagen formation needs at least two months.

Prior to the treatment a blood sample of 20ml is extracted from the client in special collecting tubes. This blood is immediately placed in a centrifuge for few minutes. When centrifugation is complete, the platelets and plasma are separated from blood cells.

The concentration of platelets remaining are 3 to 10 times that of normal blood. The proteins, growth factors, and other particles in the platelets help the body's self-healing process. These platelets are extracted and injected into the skin under topical anesthetic using a syringe. This entire process is performed in an 30-45 minutes. The most common protocol is to hold four sessions, one every month.

The therapy is US FDA-approved and is completely safe. Moreover, they are performed by expert dermatologists at Kaya Skin Clinic




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