• Over a Hundred Patients in the UAE use new Non-invasive Capsule Gastric Balloon to Control Obesity and its Associated Medical Conditions
Over a Hundred Patients in the UAE use new Non-invasive Capsule Gastric Balloon to Control Obesity and its Associated Medical Conditions

One hundred obese or overweight people in the UAE have benefited from the new Ellipse Gastric Balloon to lose weight and to decrease its affiliated medical conditions, inning accordance with Dr Wael Dahhan at Emirates Hospital.

" Obesity and being overweight is a major public health problem bordering people in the Middle East. It can cause a wide range of health problems, with diabetes mellitus being the most common. On top of that, it can also cause high blood sugar, high cholesterol, heart problem, and strokes which are very closely pertaining to obesity. Variables such as genetics, lack of exercise and bad diet are all leading reasons for weight gain which could additionally result in major repercussions. Therefore, patients who struggle with weight problems have a good choice to insert the Ellipse Capsule Balloon for increased and preferred outcomes, which aids as a jumpstart to slim down and produce a feeling of satiety in these individuals," said Dr Wael Dahhan, Specialist, American Boarded Gastroenterologist at Emirates people in the Middle East.

Studies show that individuals with BMIs higher than 30 have a higher danger of premature death as compared to their healthy-weight peers. And shedding simply 5 to 10 percent of overall body weight - through diet regimen, exercise, or weight-loss generating treatments - has been located to considerably boost health.

" Managing BMI could have a positive impact. A healthy BMI is listed below 25, and those with a BMI above 30 are overweight, which could result in several issues. While healthy and balanced diet regimen and workout are the best options to tackle weight, in some cases specific treatments are advised to preserve the ideal BMI," said Dr Wael Dahhan.

35-year-old French national, who went through the Ellipse Gastric Balloon procedure was one such client. With a body mass index of 35, the French nationwide had acquired 30 Kgs over the past 5 years due to being active at the workplace and following undesirable consuming practices and absence of regular workouts, besides his obesity condition there is a family history of hypertension, he was advised to lose weight. Nevertheless, in spite of trying numerous diet plans and workout routines, he could not lose weight, leading him to ultimately choose the Ellipse Gastric Balloon treatment which revealed preliminary excellent results.

The Ellipse Balloon is an outpatient procedure which helps reaching the ideal BMI. It is consumed inside a pill that is attached to a tube. As soon as the physician has actually checked if the balloon remains in its place, it is filled out with practically a pint of water and the slim connected tube is then gotten rid of. The entire treatment takes less than 20 mins, ultimately assisting patients to lose as much as 10-15 percent of complete body weight. As the treatment does not need endoscopy, surgical procedure or anaesthesia, and it has a self-deflation shutoff which will certainly open up instantly after 4 months without the requirement for endoscopic access, it makes it appropriate for a bigger population of individuals not reacting to diet and way of lifestyle treatment.

“The Ellipse Gastric Balloon procedure is a non-invasive procedure. However, patients are screened and advised about the process, its recovery and changes to adapt before the procedure is performed,” and the type of diet plan to comply with especially the first week message placement, adhering to with a marked dietician is important over a duration of 4- 6 months to achieve better outcomes, included Dr Wael Dahhan.

Post the procedure, the French nationwide has lost 6 kg within two weeks and anticipates to shed even more over the duration of the next 4 months. He mentioned that the procedure was a ,'miracle' remedy and expressed appreciation to the clinical group for helping him in his transformational trip.

While the treatment is executed in the UAE, individuals in various other European and Middle Eastern countries have actually been utilizing this innovative non-invasive treatment for the previous two years and have actually accomplished excellent to outstanding results.




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