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Open Call to Universities and Students to Address COVID-19 Collateral Issues Announced By Global Grad Show

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Open Call to Universities and Students to Address COVID-19 Collateral Issues Announced By Global Grad Show

Call for submissions are open to the international community of students and professors from all disciplines and universities around the world. The proposals must identify and address a critical issue surrounding COVID-19, which can range from home quarantine to decontamination of public areas, to enhanced patient-screening methods and statistical disease-prediction models. Submissions will be assessed by a panel of experts in health, innovation and technology and any selected proposal will be supported through an acceleration programme, and may be further funded to be produced and distributed at scale. Any selected proposal will receive an academic award in the form of a scholarship (covering the annual tuition fee of the selected student or establishing a research scholarship of equivalent value for the department of the selected professor).

A leading social impact innovation platform for graduate students throughout the world, the Global Grad Show, took place in partnership with Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), and supported by ARM Holdings and Dubai Culture, is enlarged its efforts apart from its annual programme to give an open call to its world academic network seeking for solutions to COVID-19 collateral issues.

“COVID-19 is complicating the world in a healthcare challenge and creating a plunge of circumstances that have to be addressed to protect our communities, the world economy, and the way we live and interact with each other overall. With the complete support of ICD and a consortium of institutions, the Global Grad Show will assist to enable its creative community to challenge the international threats the world faces nowadays,” stated ICD Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Mohammed I. Al Shaibani.

Global Grad Show motivates all graduates, undergraduates and professors of all academic backgrounds and universities across the globe to submit their proposals by the 2nd of April 2020. Any selected project will be announced by 16th April.

“The challenges we face in the 21st century are constitutionally worldwide. Like climate change, pandemics such as COVID-19 know no limitatios and threaten us all. In declaring this initiative, we hope to channel the immense creativity of the world’s universities toward the challenge of COVID-19 and its numerous medical, economic and social dimensions. In doing so, we hope to exhibit the globe that even our gravest threats present opportunities for innovation and community” said Brendan McGetrick, Head of Curation of the Global Grad Show and Curative Director of The Museum of the Future.

The proposals ought to address collateral issues associated to Covid-19. Examples which include improving the efficiency of self-quarantine, increase treatment capacity and screening methods, mitigate contagious behaviors individually and within groups and enable collaborative efforts among private and public sectors.

A group of health experts and innovation specialists will aid the selection and development of chosen projects. Any selected proposal will be funded through prototyping and testing. Additionally, creator(s) of a selected proposal will be rewarded the tuition fee of their current studies, or equal scholarship for the department of selected professor(s).