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Newly established ‘The Corporate Group’ opens new business centre in Downtown Dubai

  • Newly established ‘The Corporate Group’ opens new business centre in Downtown Dubai

Newly established ‘The Corporate Group’ opens new business centre in Downtown Dubai

'The Corporate Group (TCG),' a freshly established business, recently inaugurated the Corporate Business Hub (CBH), a new business centre located in Downtown Dubai. 'TCG' is the outcome of the corporate restructuring activities of Corporate Business Services (CBS), a service based firm developed in 2007 offering business consultancy and business development options. Now operating as a business group of business, 'TCG' will take charge of 3 subsidiaries-- CBS, CBH and Corporate Business Enterprises (CBE). The opening was participated in by business customers, company partners and agents from the SME sector.

CBS, which was originally owned by four investors, specializes in business services, including business setup and government document clearing. Under the newly restructured set-up, 'TCG' will supervise the operations of all its subsidiaries.

CBH delivers a special company center concept that provides start-ups, SMEs and corporates a nurturing environment to allow businesses to develop, grow and sustain organically. Meanwhile, CBE operates towards producing financial investment opportunities and looks for active and passive collaborations in endeavors.

"We are proud to reveal the results of our business restructuring, rebranding ourselves as 'The Corporate Group,' which demonstrates a more unified and solid entity that will organize our subsidiaries," said Adel Al Awadhi, Executive Chairman, TCG.

Throughout the years, we have effectively been able to help leading worldwide companies expand their presence within the region. These entities, including globally listed companies, coming from various industry verticals like transport, health, aviation, infrastructure, food & beverage, etc. We are highly confident that this move will not only allow us to increase our presence across today’s markets but will also ensure more growth—reinforcing our position as a powerhouse business in the Middle East region.”, said Ayman Al Awadhi, Group Managing Director.

Throughout the event, TCG likewise revealed its brand-new corporate identity, which is intended to assisting increase more awareness for the subsidiaries and their items, services and other offerings.

To this day, TCG and its subsidiaries, have actually been amassing crucial awards and acknowledgment from the local and global business arena like- The Bizz 2015 award by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB). CBS likewise recently received the 2015 CSR Label from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). CBS has likewise been called as a Superbrand by the Brand Council. In addition, CBS has actually been noted within Dubai SME top 100 companies in 2015 ranking being 29th by Dubai SME, a firm of the Department of Economic Development (DED). In addition, The Corporate Group has likewise been awarded Strategic Partner status by DED, for one of its firms, Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI).