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New Data Visualization Software for Flow Measurement Introduced by Emerson

New Data Visualization Software for Flow Measurement Introduced by Emerson

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Emerson (NYSE: EMR), an international automation technology and engineering company, has launched Micro Motion Process Viz™, a standalone, affordable software solution for flow meter process data visualization. Having an immediate visualization of raw process data translates into direct actionable information, helping plant operators in the chemical, food and beverage, and oil and gas industry minimize the time wanted to find out a problem in the flow process. Ultimately, this can potentially save facility money by minimizing the need for stoppages or shutdowns to trace the source of a problem.

The new software supports the Micro Motion™ Coriolis transmitters with data historian output capabilities such as the 5700 and 4200 models and offers a snapshot of a moment in time in the flow process. A technician or plant manager won’t need to control data to see what is taking place in the flow. The data is available in a usable format that enables the user to identify and analyze process issues.

“We developed Process Viz after our customers saw us using it to diagnose their flow problems,” stated Ron Fleissman, software product manager for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “We got so many requests for this software that we realized there was a need in the market for a tool that would make it easier for our customers to diagnose process issues that might be caused by changes in the flow, thereby saving them time and money.”
For more information on Micro Motion ProcessViz, visit www.Emerson.com/MicroMotionProcessViz.

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