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New business unit for Global Sales and Marketing, announces OPPO
OPPO is strengthening its presence in global market

OPPO reported building up new business units for global sales and global marketing. The establishment of new units falls within the framework of its efforts to push the incorporated development in global markets and furnish consumers around the world with high quality products and intelligent services in the era of the spread of intelligent communication technologies.

As of today, Allen Wu will serve, Vice President and Head of Business Unit International former deputy head of the Global Sales President; and will be Brian Shin, former vice president and head of business unit in the Chinese mainland, as Deputy Head of Global Unit Marketing President. And it will work both Wu and Chen directly under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer of OPPO Tony Chen.

On this occasion, Tony Chen stated: "We continue to OPPO our business management according to a global vision centered on the slogan of 'one market, one phone'. As we look at the global market as a single entity, so we need to focus on the integration of our resources on a global scale to serve our goal to develop our business globally.
Both the Allen Wu and Brian Shin of senior officials who have made significant contributions to the company OPPO. We are confident that they are able to lead our global team to bring more innovations pioneered. Such a move would also support our efforts to expand and grow our business in the Middle East and Africa region. "

The Allen Wu has served as Chairman of the International Business Unit OPPO Since May 2018. and was able OPPO Over the past year to achieve great success, it had a great merit in it as part of a number of international markets as well as to achieve remarkable achievement represents the consolidation of the status of our global brand. Brian Shin also served as head of the business unit in the Chinese mainland in the OPPO Company Since May 2018 and contributed to the company to continue to strengthen the leading position in the Chinese market. Shen additionally led a wide scope of innovative marketing campaigns, including the conclusion of many of the world’s influential business partnerships.




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