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Natuzzi Italia’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
An extensive list of unique gift ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day in the warmth of your own home.


A couch with rounded lines, but also an inviting dormeuse. Amalia is a welcoming nest inviting you to snuggle up and get a great rest, with a tall comfortable backrest finished by soft cushions. Design: Bernhardt & Vella.


100% Merinos wool blanket, soft and comfortable.


The Vico lamp is a authentic luminous sculpture with a strong visual impact. With its soft, rounded volumes, this table lamp embodies purity of lines and presence in space. The essence of the project lies in the balance between the base and the shade, which seems to be suspended above the structure. Design: Victor Vasilev


The colourful Rainbow cushions, made of elegant velvet or pure linen, embellish the living room and add character to the bedroom.


The traditional Pumo, lucky objects of the Apulian tradition, now enter the Natuzzi Italia collection, emphasizing the company's strong ties to its land of origin. The Pumo, from the Latin "pumum", or pine cone, is a budding flower, a symbol of new life and emerges from the historical Apulian tradition: it used to stand at the ends of balconies, columns, terraces and, in pairs, at the sides of the bed of newlyweds to wish happiness, prosperity and fertility. Pumo is still made with artisan techniques handed down over time into the professional hands of Apulian potters, is made of ceramic and is available in different finishes.


Products that conceal the fragrances of Puglia. Candles or air scents with natural oil extracts, Trullini develops throughout 5 olfactory areas, each with its own unique colour and keystone, which in the trulli of Puglia are veritable signatures of their creators. Even after the fragrance finishes, these special artisan products turn out to be functional containers for small and treasured objects. Made in clay from a quarry used since Etruscan times, hand-turned and glazed. The textured clay base is embellished with drops of kiln-baked aventurine. Candles and scents available in 5 fragrances: blossom (chinotto and pepper), fresh (bamboo), blossom (freesia), citrus (terrae), vanilla (mandarin and vanilla).


Like a panorama of Alberobello, in Apulia, the collection of five local stone candle holders resemble the skyline of this town, reproducing distinctive geometries and shapes of the rooftops, a traditional construction that is special to the area. Design: Marcel Wanders.


Two paintings of Gino Donvito dedicated to the wild orchids of Puglia worn by female figures. A woman and a flower, united in a great and excellent poetry.

Gino Donvito lives and works in Gioia del Colle, immersed in the natural spirituality of the Murgia plateau near Bari. After training himself in painting in Florence and Paris in the 1970s, he decided to return to his native land, Puglia, the muse and driving force of his creativity since the beginning. The light, the colours, the mesmerizing splendor of the historic olive trees, and the free, even primordial spirit of this land have constantly inspired him, and this is where the artist paints his masterpieces.


Collection of cushion and blanket inspired by the geometries of the Puglia TRULLI houses. Jacquard plaids made in pure virgin wool, in natural colours. Jacquard worked cushion, with padded bow. Design: Marcel Wanders.


The past meets the future. The pattern that decorates the Magna Grecia cushions is inspired by luxurious wooden ceilings with golden hexagonal coffers, typical of Salento’s baroque churches. The pattern repeats itself nearly without end on the surface, generating interesting designs. Design: Marcel Wanders.




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